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Wes Presents Poetry in 2005

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Area 1 : Other Poets Works

For Sean

Live off of Yahoo IM

*Judgement Day*

If I die

If I find you are not there

I will carve your name upon the golden stairs

If you are not with me on Judgement Day

I will know you went the other way

I will give back to the angels

Silver harps and golden wings

Just to show you my love is true

I will go to hell just to be with you


By: Bradley Joseph Sean Elijah Johnson


Area 2 : My Work

Poetry from Book 6 (coming soon)

Poetry from Book 5

The Journey

None and One

Where all Love is Found

The Only Way

Certain Peace

Out of Order

The Final Song

Your Mirage

The Leaf

The Prayer of the Tree

The Magic Place

I am Nothing

Love was not Enough

The Empty Places

A Moment of Release

The Meek

The Argument

Punished For It

The Choice

When No Words Come

Lost Thoughts

How I Hear

Just Be

Where is It

Thoughts on Love

Do Not

Poetry from Book 4

A Chance Encounter

Broken Up

Can It be

Caught In The Moment



Existence Part 1

Existence Part 2

Existence In A Nutshell


In Doubt of Love part 1

In Doubt Of Love part 2

Just When

Lost and Found

Lost Love

Love Died

Mind Sight

Near The End

Of Want

Only Us

On The Tip Of My Tongue


Restless Spirit

Sitting Alone

The Decision

The Long Night

The Realm Of Winter

The War Of Life (part 1)

The War of Life (part 2)

To Change

To Sit and Think

To The Stars

To Travel

Trying To Understand

What Can Be

What is Lost

What May Be

Whats seems to Be

When You Leave (part 1)

When You Leave (part 2)

Where are you

You are Not

You Call

Area 3 : Older Work

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