!!KLJ 4eva!!
Welcome to KLJ 4eva. This is a site about everything I like, from Pokemon to Resident Evil. I also take request which I'll add to my site, so if you wanna see something here, I'll put it here. This is the 1st real site I've done, and it's nowere near finished. Up to now I plan to put up alot of info on Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Ranma1/2, anime, fanart, fanfics, polls, quizes, me and anything else I can think of.  And I'm also taking in fanart and fanfics now so send them to me at my email address below(click on my name). If your feeling charitable then please also send me in screenshots, pics, etc for the catagories mentioned, they would be greatly appreciated. Update soon!