X-tremly Accurte Paintballers
Welcome to the official site of the paintballing team XAP(X-tremly Accurate Paintballers). This team was just recently created by young teens. We are a novice Paintball team and will need more players that livein barrie and can get access to the barrie paintball area . We have many practices and will need very active participants .
                   UPCOMING EVENTS / PRACTICES

Practices are every other saturday or sunday at barrie paintball . On the weeks we dont have practices we will have practice paintball tactics in the forest by Ardagh road.

There are currently no team tournaments upcoming . We are haoping to get them started when we finish our team roster . Thank - you for your patience.

We do not yet have enough players on our roster to compete in any wasaga / Barrie paintball tournaments . We also have to start raising cash to go towards our team funds.

XAP(x-tremly Accurate Paintballers) (C)  2007      JOIN TEAM XAP TODAY !
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