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          What is ska?
For the average person, ska music is probably a total mystery. I myself had never even heard the word ska until a few years ago. So it comes to no surprise to me that the average person has never heard of ska. Ska music is like a hybrid of rock, reggae and swing music. All ska bands have horn sections which usually contain saxofones, trumpets and trombones as well as the usual guitar, bass and drums. Almost all ska songs have lyrics, but some CD's experiment with instrumentals. These songs are usually heard non-stop on stations like MTV and ESPN but are never recognized. Ska music is known for being happy and upbeat as well as fast paced. Most ska bands are considered to be goofy and not serious, but the truth is that they are just as serious as any any other musician. Ska got started in the early 1960's by a reggae band called the Skatalites, and later by bands such as the Toasters, the Specials and Madness. Although most ska bands are rooted in North America, ska has turned up in Japan and Australia, and has an extensive history in England. Today, popular bands like No Doubt and Smash Mouth have had enormous success by using ska riffs and sounds without actually being considered an actual ska band. Even though it's been around for about 20 years now, ska is relatively new to the music world. Ska musicians of today are usually in their twenties or teens, and there are hundreds of high school ska bands formed today. Ska music is the wave of the future, the third wave!
Punk and Ska Band Home Pages
Blink 182
An entertaining punk band with catchy tunes. Great guitar and two vocalists keep you comin back for more.
Albums- Enema of the State-'99         Cheshire Cat- '98        Dude Ranch- '97
Tom Delonge-vocal/guitar       Mark Hoppus-vocal/bass       Travis Barker-drums
Most Popular Song- What's My Age Again
My Favorite Song- All The Small Things
The best punk band of all time. Every song on their albums is great. They made punk music what it is today.
Albums- Nimrod- '97        Insomniac- '95         Dookie- '94             Kerplunk- '92         1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- '91
Billie Joe Armstrong- Guitar/Vocals      Mike Dirnt- Bass          Tre Cool- Drums
Most Popular Song-
Basket Case
My Favorite Song-
A great punk/rock band. Their newer albums have a different sound, but they are still making great music.
Albums- Americana- '98     Ixnay on the Hombre- '97      Smash- '94      Ignition- '93
Dexter Holland- Vocals   Kevin Wasserman- guitar   Greg Kriesel- Bass  Ron Welty- Drums
Most Popular Song- My Favorite Song- She's Got Issues
Pretty Fly
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Former hardcore band, now the most recognized ska band in pop-music today.
Albums- Live From the Middle East- '98 Let's Face It- '97 Ska-Core, the Devil & More- '94 Question the Answers- '93 Don't Know How to Party- '93
Dicky Barret- Vocals        Nate Albert- Guitar       Joe Gittleman- Bass Joe Sirois- Drums Kevin Lenear-Sax        Dennis Brockenborough- Trombone
Most Popular Song- Impression That I Get My Favorite Song- Let's Face It
This peppy ska band is full of sunshine in every song. Happy like ska music should be.
Albums- Libido- '99        Twenty Eight Teeth- '97            Barfly- '95
Scott Kennerly- Bass Jon Pebsworth- Vocals Jonas Kleiner- Guitar Steve Baurer- Drums Tony Currey- Trumpet Don Albert- Trombone Craig Yarnold- Sax
Most Popular Song-
Tell it Like it Was
My Favorite Song- Sunlight
Reel Big Fish
My favorite ska band. Great vocals, imaginative lyrics and wild shows make them very popular with their fans.
Albums- Everything Sucks- '00 Why Do They Rock So Hard?- '98 Keep Your Receipt- '97 Turn the Radio Off- '96
Aaron Barrett- Vocals/Guitar Tavis Werts- Trumpet Scott Klopfenstein- Trumpet/Vocals Dan Regan- Trombone Matt Wong- Bass Carlos de la Garza- Drums
My Favorite Song-
Sell Out Down In Flames
Most Popular Song-               
Less Than Jake
Fast paced, high energy punk/ska band. This music will keep you dancing and moving until your legs fall off.
Albums- Hello Rockview- '98 Losing Streak- '96 Greased- '96 Loser Kings & Things That We Don't Understand- '95 Pezcore- '95
Chris- Guitar/Vocals           Roger- Bass/Vocals                     Buddy- Trombone     Pete- Trombone         Vinnie- Drums                         Derron- Sax
Most Popular Song- Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
My Favorite Song- History of a Boring Town
A really catchy punk band with the best lead vocals of any band I know. Why aren't these guys famous?
Albums- Stomping Grounds- '00 Darrin's Coconut Ass- '99 Hang-ups- '97         Goldfinger- '96
Charlie Paulson- Guitar John Feldmann- Guitar/Vocals Darrin Pfeiffer-Drums Simon Williams- Bass
Most Popular Song- Here In Your Bedroom My Favorite Song- Superman
Save Ferris
A good ska band with a powerful female singer. Varied guitar and horn sounds keep you interested from song to song.
Albums- Modified- '99   It Means Everything- -'97
Monique Powell- Vocals   Brian Mashburn- Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals   Bill Uechi- Bass     Evan Kilbourne- Drums   Eric Zamora- Sax    Jose Castellanos- Trumpet  T-Bone Willy- Trombone
Most Popular Song- C'mon Eileen My Favorite Song-
The World is New
Devo has been reincarnated in this zany ska band. Songs about magic chicken and skateboards will have you laughing as you rock out to their varied melodies.
Albums- Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death- '99    The Fury of the Aquabats- '97
The M.C. Bat Commander- Vocals   Crash McLarson- Bass   Catboy- Trumpet             The Robot- Woodwinds   The Mysterious Kyu- Guitar  Prince Adam- Trumpet   Chainsaw Karate- Guitar    Doctor Rock- Drums
Super Rad The Story of Nothing
Most Popular Song- My Favorite Song-
A "true" ska band. The pietasters have the slow paced old fashioned ska sound with great vocals and guitar that many of today's fans may be missing.
Albums- Awesome Mix Tape 6- '99  Willis- '97  Strapped Live- '96  OoLooLoo- '95
Steve Jackson-Vocals   Tom Goodin-Guitar   Todd Eckhardt-Bass   Bob Steward-Drums        Toby Hansen- Trumpet   Jeremy Roberts- Trombone   Alan Makranczy- Sax
Most Popular Song- Yesterday's Over
My Favorite Song-
Some Old Song
The best new ska band out there. Songs you can relate to, crazy keyboard sounds, and cool vocals keep you from turning their cd's off for hours at a time.
Albums- Heads Are Gonna Roll- '99    Forget the World- '98
Ariel Rechtshaid- Vocals/Guitar  Louis Castle- Trumpet    Rich Zahniser- Trombone, Keyboards  Danny Rukasin- Trombone  James Bairian-Bass   Kyle Briggs- Drums
My Favorite Song-
Most Popular Song- Far Behind
Edna's Goldfish
A great new ska band. Their creative movement inside of third-wave ska has gotten their music dubbed "the fourth wave". The longer you listen to them, the better they get.
Albums- Elements of Transition- '99  Before You Knew Better- '98
Kris Baldwin- Bass  Brian Diaz- Vocals  David A. Galea- Trumpet   Gary Henderson- Trumpet        Vinnie McAuliffe- Guitar  Ian McKenzie- Trombone    Mike Warner- Drums   
Most Popular Song- Veronica Sawyer   My Favorite Song- Instant Message
One of the greatest ska bands of all time. With a British twist, these guys make some great slow ska and are still making cd's today.
Albums- Live in London-' 98  D.L.T.B.G.Y.D.- '97 Ska Killers- '96 Hard Band For Dead- '96     This Gun's For Hire- '95  Dub 56- '94  New York Fever- '92  Thrill Me Up- '92  Thrill Me Up- '88   Skaboom- '87
Matt Malles- Bass   Johnathan McCain- Drums   Rob Hingley- Guitar   Fred Reiten- Sax            The Sledge- Trumpet   Rick Faulkner- Trombone    Jack Ruby, Jr- Vocals  Dave Waldo- Keyboards
Most Popular Song- Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down    My Favorite Song- I'm Running Right Through The World
Suicide Machines
A former ska band that is now making some really good mainstream music. Look for their next album to put them over the top.
Suicide Machines- '00   Battle Hymns- '98   Destruction By Definition-
Jason Navorro-Vocals   Dan Lukacinsky-Guitar    Royce Nunley- Bass  Ryan Vendeberghe- Drums
My Favorite Song- Too Many Words
Most Popular Song-
Sometimes I Don't Mind
Mustard Plug
An awesome ska band with the "stereotypical" ska guitar. Cool vocals reminescent of the Toasters, Suicide Machines and Buck-o-Nine and songs that are fun to sing along make these guys a success.
Pray For Mojo- '99                Evildoers Beware- '97                    Big Daddy Multitude- '94
Jim Hofer- Trombone               Brandon Jenison- Trumpet                      Colin Clive- Guitar, Vocals         Dave Kirchgessner- Vocals          Brad Rozier- Drums           Craig DeYoung- Bass
Most Popular Song- The Freshman My Favorite Song- Yesterday
One of the most proficient punk bands of the 90's, mxpx puts out music constantly and continues to remain a fan's band while doing it. Simple songs mixed with catchy beats and smooth low-key vocals are an addicting combination that spells success with a capital BOOYA!
Ever Passing Moment- '00             At the Show- '99          Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo- '98      Let it Happen- '98        Life in General- '96     Teenage Politics- '95        Pokinatcha- '95
On the Cover- '95
Mike Herrera- Bass               Tom Wisniewski- Guitar                Yuri Ruley- Drums
Most Popular Song- My Favorite Song- Oh Donna
Blue Moon
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