Physics Classes
Dr. Wessling's Physics Classes

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Dr. Wessling's contact info:

Office: Physics 902 (I've moved! 8/27/08)
    Office hours: MTWTh 11:45-12:30, MW 3:45-5:15, and by appointment

Mailing address: Mailbox 251, Pierce College
                            6201 Winnetka Ave.
                            Woodland Hills, CA  91371

Phone: (818) 610-6541


Class Material

Physics 101 (Spring 2009, Section 0573, TTh 12:45-5:20)

      Frequently Asked Questions about Physics 101

Physics 102 (Spring 2009, Section 3319, MW 5:30-10:05)

Physics 103 (Fall 2008, Section 3420, MW 5:30-10:05)

Physics 6 (Summer 2008, Section 1601, MTWTh 1:00-4:20)

      Frequently Asked Questions about Physics 6

Physical Science 4 (Spring 2009, Section 0767, MW 12:45-3:45)

      Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Science 4

Some Interesting Physics Links

PhET (Interactive physics simulations from the University of Colorado, Boulder)

Physics 2000 (An interactive look at modern physics, including relativity and quantum mechanics)

Physics Central (News, articles, and more from the American Physical Society)

The Official String Theory Website

The Particle Adventure (A tour of quarks, neutrinos, dark matter, and more from the Particle Data Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)