Stray or Found Yorkie
If you have found a stray Yorkie that you are unable to care for we may have room for him or her. We have wonderful foster families but as any rescue we have limited space but please feel free to call our rescue number 518.834.7728 or email us to see if we have an opening.

All Yorkies brought to us are immediately checked by our vet (within 24 hours) to ensure they are well and not in need of any medical care. If they need any care the Yorkshire Terrirer  Rescue Group will assume all expenses for the Westie and make sure he or she receives top medical care. 

All Yorkie's are placed  in one of our foster homes. He or she will remain there to be adopted out.
Giving up your own Yorkie
We understand how hard this descion is for you and your family. We'd like to help. Maybe we can help you train your Yorkie so you can keep him or if not our rescuers will help make this as pain free as possible. Please call our rescue line 518.561.8705 or email us. All Yorkies we aquire from homes are seen by our vet (within 48hours), if no medical care is needed he or she is placed in one of our foster homes to await adoption.
Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Group of UpState NY
Located in Saranac, NY 518.834.7728
Last Updated November 25, 2004
Questions or Comments? Email

If you own or have found  a Yorkie that is in need of our Rescue Services please call 518.834.7728 This is a rescue line only. Please no adoption questions on this line.

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