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October 6, 2009                     Volume  4                   Issue 83                    

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We Serve Extra Lean

Ground Beef

Nite Specials


Chocolate & Vanilla Soft Serve




Chicken to go (potatoes included)

2 pc – Barrel 20 pc

MONDAY – Chicken Strip Dinner w/ coleslaw & fries

TUESDAY – Waffle Special

WEDNESDAY – Halibut, Shrimp or Walleye w/ baked potato, toast, choice of salad

THURSDAY 8 oz. Sirloin

FRIDAY – Chicken Fried Steak w/ fries, toast & salad

SATURDAY – Hamburger Steak w/ baked potato, toast & choice of salad

Randy & Bonnie Matzke Owners


Randy's Restaurant

406. 765. 1661

The Westby Border News

You have to be pretty dedicated to drive 20 miles of gravel, one way, almost every day for three months for a practice session.  Any one who has done much driving on gravel roads can attest to the obstacles this driving can present.  Most gravel roads tend to be narrow and never seem to have the right amount of their main ingredient, gravel.  Too much gravel is hazardous with the least amount of speed, not enough gravel can make for muddy roads after the smallest of rainfall, wash boarding, ruts, pot holes all add to the difficulty

presented with driving these stretches of lifelines in rural areas.

It allows for time to think, though, and the parallels the drive presents and the obstacles to be overcome in reaching a destination where someone, anyone, hopefully, everyone wants to hear the blend of music being created at the other end, leads us from one gravel road to another.

 It all started in February, 2009, with a chance karoke duet featuring Missy Sundsted Hobbs and Casey Ubben.


The two sang several songs together and felt their voices fit well.  The idea of forming a band together was brought up, shortly thereafter, and Casey mentioned he had connections to others that may be interested.  Calls were made, practice session were set up at Missy’s farm home (hence the 20 miles of gravel), the idea became reality and reality became “Gravel Road”; a musical group with a diverse range of style and music including country,

pop, and rock.

Gravel Road band members include Missy who is lead singer and plays the keyboard and tambourine.  Casey also does some lead singing while playing lead guitar.  The other band members include Ryan Hjort  of Raymond featured on base guitar, drummer Brandon Bertelson hails from Medicine Lake and Chris, a former Washington state resident, rounds out the group with rhythm guitar.  


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