Westchester Lodge No. 702, F&AM

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Westchester Lodge No. 702, F&AM

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 Westchester Lodge No. 702, F&AM  meets at 69 Main Street, Tuckahoe, NY, USA
 on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month excluding June, July, August and December.
 Tel: (914) 337-9835

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In God we trust.

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Grand Lodge
 of the
 State of New York


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We mourn the loss of our 60 year Brother Martin J. Barnabic. Bro. Barnabic was 86 years of age at the time of his death on June 8th. He was the brother-in-law of RW Arthur G. Vosatka. Bro. Barnabic is survived by his wife, Helen, his children, John, George and Carol, four granddaughters, one grandson and four great-grandchildren. The Lodge extends deepest sympathies to his family members and friends.  May he rest in eternal peace.






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Westchester Lodge Installation

June 9, 2007:  The 2007 Officers of Westchester Lodge No. 702 were elected, appointed and installed in their proper stations and places and W\ Wayne Wyatt was there to capture it all in photos.

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Westchester Lodge Notice

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2007 District Officers




RW Duncan Stalker District Deputy Grand Master (914) 235-7684
RW Phillip Selikoff Staff Officer (718) 671-0301
Bro. Armando Gomez President of the District Association (914) 968-3110
RW Ralph (Richie) Tanchum President of the Children's Association (914) 934-1021


 9-11Memorial Service

The Masonic Fraternity of Tuckahoe held the 9/11 Memorial Service on September 10th at 1:00pm.  RW Duncan Stalker, District Deputy Grand Master acted as the Master of Ceremony and welcomed all of the visitors.  He recognized RW Kurt Ott, Grand Marshal and RW Jim Sullivan, Grand Lecturer representing the Grand Lodge of the State of New York.  He introduced the Honorable Michael J. Martino, Mayor of Tuckahoe and Police Chief John Costanzo.

The entire Memorial Service was video-taped by Channel 12 News and will appear on the Westchester edition of Channel 12 in an edited format.

The Grand Lodge of the State of New York donated 30,000 United States flags to the communities throughout the State of New York.  RW Jim Sullivan presented the US Flag to the dignitaries from Tuckahoe and to RW Al Frohlich for the schools.  There were 34 attendees who then enjoyed a delicious lunch, desserts and fellowship in the newly furbished lower banquet hall.

In Remembrance...
    On this fifth anniversary of September11, 2001
       We remember those who lost their lives
           ...those who lost loved ones, family and friends
             ...those heroes who gave their lives and those who helped
               ...and our heroes who continue to defend our freedoms

                                               God Bless America

Click below to view a moving tribute to 9/11/2001.




Archived Photos

                            1.  District Dinner Dance & Awards - 9/14/06
                            2.  Awards Night (5/8/02)
                            3.  Awards Night (May 11, 2003)
                            4.  Honorary to MW Henningsen & Table Lodge (12/11/03)
                            5.  RW Duncan Stalker, AGL apron presentation.
                            6.  Official Visit - RW Duncan Stalker, AGL (6/10/04)
R\W\ Douglas Adams Homecoming
                            8.  Photos by RW Victor Diamond
                            9.  St. John's Weekend (2006)

Click here for photos of the Grand Line Officers


2006 Elected and Appointed Grand Line Officers

May 2, 2006


Grand Master


MW Neal I. Bidnick (Joyce)

Deputy Grand Master

  RW Edward G. Gilbert (Helen)

Senior Grand Warden

  RW Dennis A. Breheny (Judy)

Junior Grand Warden

  RW Stephen S. King (Margaret)

Grand Treasurer

  RW Joseph A. Quarequio (Nina)

Grand Secretary

  RW Gilbert Savitzky (Barbara)

Grand Lecturer

  RW James E. Sullivan (Gail)

Grand Marshal

  RW Kurt Ott (Ruth)

Grand Chaplain

  RW Kenneth E. Wagner (Carolyn)

Deputy Grand Marshal

  RW Robert Finley (Kay)

Grand Standard Bearer

  RW Biagio "Benny" Valenti (Margaret)

Deputy Grand Standard Bearer

  RW Paul Berrara, Jr. (Donna)

Senior Grand Deacon

  RW Alfred Dais (Vita)

Junior Grand Deacon

  RW Robert S. Glace, Sr. (Alice)

Judge Advocate

  RW Daniel M. Semel (Nell)

Grand Pursuivant & Assistant Grand Secretary

  RW Richard W. Bateman (Eleanor)

Grand Historian

  RW George Peter

Grand Tiler

  RW Melvin Eckhaus

Grand Organist

  RW Jack W. Ovitt

Grand Organist

  RW Stanley A. Schimmel

Living Past Grand Masters

MW Edward R. Trosin (2004 - 2006) (Barbara)
MW Carl J. Fitje (2002 - 2004) (Renée)
MW Carl J. Smith ( 2000 - 2002)
MW Earl J. Hino, Jr. (1995 - 1998)
MW Gary A. Henningsen (1993 - 1995 ) (Ada)
MW Richard P. Thomas ( 1990 - 1992) (Marge)
MW Roswell T. Swits ( 1988 - 1990) ( Elvira)
MW Calvin G. Bond ( 1984 - 1986) (Constance)
MW Bruce Widger (1980 - 1982) ( Mary)

Grand Lodge Publications

              1.  Grand Lodge NetNews.
              2.  Online Empire State Mason.
              3.  Family Brochure


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Remember our veterans...they fought for our freedom.

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