MOMS ClubĘ of West Chester - West, OH
We are an international support group designed for stay-at-home moms, moms who run an at-home business, or for moms who work part-time.

We meet primarily during the day, when at-home mothers most need support, and occassionally at night for MOMS Night Out.  Our monthly activities usually include playgroups, outings to museums and parks, recipe club, exercise club, mom & tot lunches, kids' crafts and our monthly business meeting.  Children are always welcome at our daytime events!

Dues cost $25 each year, and at-home mothers of any age children are welcome!

The geographic boundaries or our chapter require a West Chester address that is west of Cincinnati/Dayton Road.

If you live within these boundaries, and would like more information, please e-mail us anytime at, or call us at (513) 588-6825.

If you live outside this area, send an e-mail to for more information.

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