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West Coast Swing in New Zealand with Louisa Alix

West Coast Swing (WCS), an American dance, originated and developed since the 1930's into the modern, stylie and smooth swing we know today. The dance is socially based, designed to be done in nightclubs with any mix of dancers and suits a crowded dance floor. It has evolved over time and can be performed to music of all types from hip-hop, funk and R&B all the way across to jazz, swing and blues! It is versatile, smooth, stylie and sexy and is great fun to both watch and perform. For more information visit the links below.
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West Coast Swing Classes in Tauranga start 1 September! Every Tuesday night for six weeks at 7pm.
Contact me for further information.... Click Here
Any West Coast Swing Dancers from Down Under heading across to the USA in October or November? There are three kiwis heading over and it would be great to band together. Let us know!
West Coast Swing is now in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington!!! Check out the Links page for more information.

Classes Available

  • *NEW* West Coast Swing 101
    The newest thing West Coast Swing! Learn the 14 compulsory basic fundamental patterns to prepare you for the social dance floor or make you jack'n'jill (a.k.a. dance with a stranger) competition ready!
  • West Coast Swing Fundamentals (Level 1)
    Learn four, six and eight count basics of this very popular couples dance including starter steps, turns, tucks, passes and whips. The class is designed for those new to or just learning West Coast Swing.
  • West Coast Swing Fundamentals (Level 2) Complete all of the fundamental patterns known to West Coast Swing and add in some variations for a bit of flavour to give yourself a great vocabulary that will help you feel even more comfortable on the social dance floor.
  • West Coast Swing Intermediate Level Courses
    Six Week Courses Available Include:
    Syncopations and Styling
    Hitting the Breaks and Musicality
    Cool Moves and Ladies Variations
    and more...
  • Learn to Teach West Coast Swing
    Are your advanced students looking for a new challenge? Would you like to be able to offer more to your faithful patrons? Teaching West Coast Swing adds a new flair to your selection of classes. It will challenge you and your students with techniques that will improve their lead and/or follow, posture, connection, style, musicality and social dancing confidence.
  • Private Lessons, Small Group Lessons and Workshops can be arranged with prior booking
  • Click Here to contact me for further information
  1. Pre-registration for each series is required, full payment must be made prior to the start of class.
  2. Current sessions are run over 5 weeks and each class is 1.5 hours long.
  3. Registration is capped so be in quick to reserve your space!
  4. Hamilton Classes are now held at Born to Dance Studio, 52 Alexandra Street, Hamilton CBD (Behind Metropolis and the old Rebel Sport bldg in the centre of town)

About the Instructor - Louisa Alix

Dancing and music have featured in Louisa's life from a very young age, singing, dancing and performing up into her early teens. From the age of fifteen she developed a repertoire in social partner dancing including dance styles such as: American Two-step, Country Waltz, Double-Two, Triple-Two, Polka, 2-count swing, Country Cha, East Coast Swing, American Hustle, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Social Cha, Night Club Two-Step, Modern Jive and of course West Coast Swing. Dancing a combined 30+ hours a week, she became an accomplished social dancer.

Louisa started dancing West Coast Swing in 1999. Only two years later she began competing in "Jack and Jill" competitions at various American national events placing first, second, third or finalist in her division. She moved to New Zealand in 2002 and started teaching West Coast Swing there in 2003.

Louisa has obtained certification in instruction of West Coast Swing through the Professional Dance Instructors Association and is a recommended member instructor of the World Swing Dance Council by training through the Golden State Dance Teacher's Association. She continues to support the expansion of West Coast Swing in New Zealand.

Contact Information

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Phone: 07 825 5005 Mobile: 0210 303 780


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