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West Coast Trail - Simon & Laure - 2002

Port Renfrew. Richard Branson in a new endeavour.

The ladders were sometimes broken…


It was easy to hold the tree up with one hand.

Is this water good?

Don’t be alarmed – this is our Day One water source.

Thrasher Cove – arrive early to get the dry spots.

Owen Island – not terribly big.

Looking back to Port Renfrew.

Cou Cou!

After the boulders "as big as houses"

Going around the point…(weather change?)

Owen Point. Green.

I am a troll, I live in a hole...

You can’t see the sea lions, which were there.

Owen Point – up inside the caves

Laure, platform 1.

A network of channels and caves…


The wall.

Oh go on, take a closer look - CLICK ME!!

Feeling Blue? Day 2.

Laure was good on the boardwalk.

Happily walking the gang plank.

The West Coast

Fireman training, lesson 1.

Day 3 - We left the trail and took our own route

Traffic Jam

Heading up Sandstone Creek

Give me a hand!
We slid off like sea lions

Walking up the waterfall

What are you looking at?
Lying on the railway track


Long way down!

A cave to swim at Walbran Creek campground.

He busily read about driftwood.

Looking the part


Day 4 - Secret shack

Laure with bins, espying the sea lions on the rock

Day 5 - Hikin’

Cribs Creek – random tenting.

The group – that’s not smoke

Henry – and his mythical tent!

Cheewhat Suspension Bridge


Turtle on the boardwalk!

Tsusiat Point. I look in awe.

Crossing the Cheewat River

Standing in the hole in the rock.

Misty mystique at Tsusiat Falls Camp.

Anyone seen a bear?

Food hangings – to keep the bears from our muesli.

The campsite showers / dishwashing facilities / swimming pool.

Laure, fishing at the falls.

Stop thief. Simon looking generally suspicious.

We laughed so much, we nearly cried.


Day 6 - The hand powered cable car

So, where’s my rucksack? Hmmmm.

Typical rainforest scene

That is one smile. Klanawa.


7 day hellish wilderness endurance test

Simon, probably coming back from hunting

Say "Fromage!"

Night 6 - The Motley Crew.

Et voila! 7th day and we’ve finished

Pachena Bay. Done and dusted.

It's over......

Jail bus transport back to Victoria