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Welcome to my website. I have created this website to help you make the most of your 401K or IRA. I am not an investment advisor I am an engineer who has studied the market and believe I can help you build a better portfolio.

This website is free Im not going to charge a dime for it. I will never guarantee you will make money but I have outperformed the market for years and will help you do the same.

I have been an engineer for many years, and have looked at a lot of charts and graphs from everything from motor current while driving a large crane to vacuum cleaner brush wear charts. I have learned that many things are predictable and that there are signs just before an event happens that it is about occur.

Almost ten years ago I was out of favor with my boss and he had me go out and watch a transfer press stamp out parts for eight hours a day for about six weeks. This became very monotonous very quickly! I very quickly noticed that I could predict when the press would stop running before it stopped for a host of reasons. I wondered if this could not also be applied to the stock market. Well the next day I loaded up my laptop with every bit of data I could find on the market and headed down to the press to see if I could predict what the market would do next. If that was true I was going to make a lot more money in the market than I could working as an engineer. I tried my methods in my 401K and IRA which have well outpaced the market over the last 8 years. I got into day trading and lost my shirt. Therefore this website is dedicated to mutual funds and market timing. I will not get into day trading again!

I call my model portfolio the market jackhammer. When the market is down it puts money into the market. When the market is up it takes money out of the market. I issue signals to buy sell or hold. I also issue recommendations when to add new money to the market, as well as when to put new money into a money market account. I have not taken all of the money out of the market since 2000. From time to time I take money out of the market. Every year this decade with the exception of 2006 I have beaten the S&P 500. In 2000, 2004 and 2005 I really beat the market.

For the period October 2002 to October 2007 my returns were up over 27% per year.

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