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Hi! Thanks for popping by!

We are bunch of Gila-Bola guys out to relieve out itch to kick some ball every weekend. The team was started by 2 brothers Yusuf Kay & Ayyub Kay, who got their friends together to form this team. Out team comprise of guys from all walks of life, shapes and sizes! Our age-range is between 19 to 27 years old. Our team was formed in Nov. 2001, so it's still pretty new. We look forward to play with any team that wants to relieve their itch together with us. We can arrange for the pitch and ref together and spilt the cost as usual.

Drop us an email at westendfusion@yahoo.com

Or view our match schedule at http://calendar.yahoo.co.uk/westendfusion

We'll be adding more juicy stuff here, so watch this space!


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Last Updated: 8th May 2002