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This is my site with my interests. It may seem to be a bit of a pick and mix site, but rather than fill my site with just one topic I wanted to include many others. You can go to a particular subject using the links below or you can flick through the pages of my website like a magazine starting here or using the arrows at the top of each page. g


My family have been involved in Stockcar Racing since 1958. Three generations of Cayzer's have experienced the passion for racing. This section of my site looks back on the history from where it all started, and takes a look of some of their many achievements.
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These are my reviews of the places I've stayed. Find photos of my holidays and what I thought of the destination and the resort/hotel that I stayed at.
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North Wales Portugal - Algarve Caribbean - Antigua
Lake District - Lake District France - Paris Florida - Naples
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I'm quite artistic and really enjoy Painting and Cake Decorating. I would like to share with you my work that I have done. Click the links to the right and take a look and decide for yourself whether I'm any good or not!



Paintings                   Animals,  Cartoons & Children's pictures, 

                                     Flowers & Fauna,  Landscapes,  Miscellaneous


Cake Decorating    Animals,  Cartoons & Children's cakes

                                    Flowers & Fauna,  Miscellaneous

My advice to expectant mothers on babies and parenting. I have found a few very useful things to make looking after babies easier and I wish to share my information with anyone who may want to know. Click here to go to page.

This page is for my friends, past and present.
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