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This webpage is about me and contains information on topics that intrest me and also some of my own writings.
So, a bit of general information to start with. I currently work as a carer but I am testing a vocation to ordained ministry in the Church of England. I recently completed a degree in theology from St. Mary's College, Durham I have a stammer and I am also dyspraxic.

In 2005 I got married to Andrew who runs an IT company. However, this website is all my own work. His is much better.

I am originally from Yorkshire, where I grew up in little village called Hensall. I went to the village primary school and then on to Snaith School . I then did my A levels at New College in Pontefract.. I then went to Coventry University to study physiotherapy, however decided in my second year that this was not for me and left.

So, I then had to join the world of work and got a job with People in Action as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities. I worked there for two years whilst deciding what to do with life. It was at this time that I begun to think I might have a calling to the ordained ministry. In order to test this further I decided to do a degree in theology and ended up at Durham. I had three happy years in Durham and became a server at Durham Cathedral. I am now happily settled back in Coventry working for Pulse a care work agency. I am a server at both Coventry Cathedral and the parish church of St. Mary Magdalen.