Mang's Humble Abode


You have stumbled upon my humble abode, or rather, my webpage. This page includes links to my numerous websites.

Oh, and a moment to explain my online names. Mang is pronounced like Ang(as in Angela) with an 'M' on front. It is a childhood nickname. The Westermaid is a name I aquired on the Highlander forum, and the Wildlife Gypsy is a nickname derived from my wandering lifestyle.

My Creations

Info on Me
A bit about me and some pictures.
Last updated April 9, 2006.

My Adventures
Photo journals of numerous adventures I have found myself on(often my work).
Last updated August 1, 2005.

Mang's Writing
Poems, fiction, and non-fiction that spill forth from my brain.
Last updated July 20, 2004.

Horse stuff
Pictures and links to do with horses, stables, West Nile Virus, etc etc.
Last updated November 11, 2005.

This is my site dedicated to Highlander: The Series. It includes a timeline, list of immortals, Immortal Myths and lots of links. All pages are updated through ENDGAME.
Last Updated January 10, 2005.

Site was last updated January 12, 2008

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