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A long time ago, a young girl named Megan crossed the rainbow on the back of a pink pegusus. Since then, she has made history. A sucessful toy was created when she told her friend- an employee at a toy company called Hasbro- about it. Others followed her adventures and turned the Other Side of the Rainbow into a fantasy world- a place where magical equine-like creatures lived and dwelled.

They called them My Little Ponies- and we had, for the briefest of time, the chance to see them, alive, on this side of the rainbow.

It is in their honor that we celebrate the My Little Pony, and it's influence on childhood.


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This website was enspired by Icefeather's Palace, Moonbug's On Fluttering Wings, Lady Northstar's Dream Cloud, Tabby's Page of Miscelaneous Oddities, and Lady Moondancer's (New) Dream.

Page last updated: March 29, 2001