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This is a reproductuion of an original oil painting by E. O. Paulson. It was sent from the E.O. Paulson Studio in Cheboygan, MI. The accompaning text reads:
One of the Huron and Eastern's GP-38's leads a string of grain cars across the trestle at Sebewang, in Michigan's scenic "Thumb Area."
A member of the RailAmerica family, the Huron and Eastern is a prime example of today's NEW ERA in Shortline Railroading -the Spirit of the past, the Technology of the future - advancing into a new Century.

Reproduction of an original oil painting by E. O. Paulson



Copy of an original oil painting by Ed. Paulson '50. It is on the 1999 calendar published by the E.O. Paulson Studio, 449 Garfield Ave., Cheboygan, MI 49721, 616-627-7336.
The picture entitled FILING THROUGH, is a copy of an original oil painting by Ed. Paulson '50.
Ed writes, An atmosphere of fog, steam, and wood smoke creates a winter background for this Turn-of-the-Century scene. A diminutive H. K. Porter 0-60 with its tannery-bound load of hemlock stands by as a two-truck Shay threads its way onto the main line. The Chippewa Lumber company ran this logging operation, in the eastern tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, during the early 1900's.


Reproduction of an original oil painting by E.O. Paulson '50. Winter evening in a small New England town at the turn of the 20th century. The scene conveys many of the moods and trends that were in transition at that period of time from gas-light to electricity, convenient cross-country travel by rail, the altering landscape changing
from forest to agriculture to industrial. Today, while the old mill is gone, the mill-pond remains to attract its evening skating parties. The rails continue to serve the community's agriculture and industrial needs. The memories of a quieter, more peaceful era remain with us always.


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