1970 International Scout
1970 International Scout
I've owned the truck for about a year, and before that it spent 31 years in colorado.  I took a picture of the worst rust spot.  The engine is in great shape, and so is the transmission, 4 wheel drive, and brakes.  the frame has no rust, and if you notice the discoloration on the hood, I think that's actually discolored from the sun.  As I said in the ad the clutch is wearing thin, also there are a lot of little things wrong for instance the windows have problems going up and down, the doors are difficult to open at times, the suspension needs work, one tailpipe is detached, and the lower left corner window of the top is cracked.  The truck is still drivable, but it's tough to shift.  It always starts though even in our terribly cold weather up here in Fargo.  I asked for 1000 in the ad, but that's not firm so if your interested feel free to make an offer and maybe we can work out a deal.
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