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What does the “Western” mean in the Alliance name?
“ W e s t     i s     n o t     a     l o c a t i o n ,     i t     i s     a     s t a t e     o f     m i n d ”

There are many ways that you can define for yourself what the “western” moniker means in the WLA name.
For some, the “western” refers to the western philosophy that has so well defined the nature
of liberty and freedom and individualism that we value in our struggles.
For others, “western” illustrates best the rugged individualism that they have come
to find as the world-view they wish to live in. 
Whether the “western” is a cowboy hero or a sci-fi character, the western lifestyle of colonization,
self-determination, and courage in the face of danger and risk best defines the libertarian life they wish to live.
“Western” in the WLA name DOES
NOT MEAN a location. 
You can hold and act upon the “western” culture or life-style from any land,
and from within any culture, by the choices you have made. 
You are part of the WLA if hold its “western” world-view no matter where your call home.


The Covenant of Alliance of the Western Libertarian Alliance
The defining document of who and what we are

The Declaration of Independence from Party Politics:
We came out of the Libertarian Party, we have seen first hand that
politics is under the control of the very beast we fight...     

The Roots of the WLA
The WLA has its identity in various roots, including L. Neil Smith,
Michael Voth, Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, The Arizona Libertarian
Party in Exile, and many more.

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with the WLA Covenant of Alliance and the Non-Aggression Principle


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