Progressive Hindu Association
Progressive Hindu Association
The Progressive Hindu Association (PHA)is a grassroots community of Hindus that support an integration of Hindu spirituality within a more socially liberal context.

The PHA is roundtable community designed to support the formation of a liberation theology within a Hindu context. We approach Hinduism within a global context and not just an Indian context. Theology must be lived to be valuable. It is less important what one believes than how they live.

Because of this the PHA supports the use of the integration of the language of the people to be used in temple and home worship in conjunction with Sanskrit. To impliment this the PHA has formed independent local satsangs to relate the values of a progressive Hinduism through study, prayer, meditation, and worship. There is no set leadership, as all members have a voice.  We hope for consensus in decision making.

Part of our committment to a social theology is a commitment to environmental awareness. The PHA's local satsangs are all earth-satsangs. We believe that the earth and cosmos are the body of God, and thus support conservation and non-violent activist efforts.

Our global perspective challenges us to expand our understanding of Sanatana Dharma to be broadened to more than just an Indian religion. Honoring our roots in India we support communities in both the west and the east as being valuable and able to bring unique gifts to the table of our faith.

Recognizing the damage done by unjust systems, we support the equality of all people- black, white, male, female, gay, and straight in all levels and professions in life including the priesthood. Striving to recognize our equality before God, we seek to eradicate caste-distinction, racism, sexism, homophobia, and heterosexism through education, prayer, and the development of rituals calling the people to rise to a level of consciousness where such distinctions no longer exist in the mind and heart.

We celebrate God as God, yet recognize that God has many forms and faces. We honor deep ecumenism and the need for interfaith dialogue and shared spiritual exploration.
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