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logo Shokaido is a style of karate. The meaning of the two Japanese characters which make up the word "Karate" is "empty hands".

Literally, Karate is a system of self defence based on the effective use of the unarmed body of the practitioner.

Shokaido is neither a traditional or modernized style, but instead strives to conform to a North American style of instruction, while not compromising the values and forms of traditionalism. As a physical art, karate is almost without equal; providing excellent exercise while developing coordination and agility.

The man most responsible for the systemization of karate, and the author of the "Twenty Principles of Karate", was Gichin Funakoshi. In 1948, the Japan Karate Association was organized, with Funakoshi as the chief instructor.

The aim of karate is to develop the student both mentally and physically and spiritually while forming a positive self image.

Our Academy

We are located in Kamloops, B.C. We have a Dojo on both the North and South Shore. Our classes are designed for people of all ages and abilities. We offer low single and family rates and the first month is free.

The style of Karate we teach is Shokaido. Shokaido is neither a traditional or modernized style, but instead strives to conform to a North American style while not compromising the values and form of traditionalism.

See What We Have To Offer

In order to teach the student respect for the art, for others, and for themselves, strict discipline is enforced.

A Recognized School
The school has been featured in many editions of the Amateur Sports News with full page articles. The academy was also presented with the Rotary Club's prestigious "Four Way Test Award". We have been operating since 1981, and in Kamloops since 1996.

Quality Instructing

All instructors complete a comprehensive Instructor's Training course..

The Western Karate Academy operates on a year round basis.

We accept Karate as being totally defensive

Low/Family Rates
It is our desire to make karate available to as many people as possible and to allow families to participate together by offering low rates.

Western Karate Academy
Telephone: (250)376-5428
Email: westernkarateacademy@yahoo.ca
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