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Feel like you've been discriminated just because you're a Muslim? Nobody has to go through any type of discrimination. Let your voice be heard ad put and end to discrimination before that person strikes again! There are organizations out there who will listen to you. Talk now before it's too late..... ICNA | CAIR Net | More Tips On Discrimination |
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Islamic Governments
December 30th, 2001 (8:08 PM EST)

There are many Islamic countries in the world following different types of government, from Saudi Arabia's hereditary government to Afghanistan's new democracy government. But which is the right one? What does the Quran say about the Islamic government? Please check it out...The True Islamic State.

Eid Celebration Postponed
Dec. 22nd, 2001 (8:08 PM EST)

Unfortunately due to some problems we had, the Eid Celebration party, which was planned for the last Wednesday before the Winter Break, has been canceled. We'll keep you up-to-date with the new date.

Jummah Prayers Every Friday at WHS
Dec. 7th, 2001 (4:23 PM)


Next Week's Topic (11/22) Staying together in Islam. What it means today and what it meant during the time of the Prophet (pbuh).

Important Note: We are planning to move into a larger room for Jummah Prayer, if we have enough people attending. We encourage students to bring their families and friends to Jummah prayer to help make us stronger.



Times last updated 9/29/02

Current/Ongoing Projects

Insha-Allah ("God-willing"):
1. Islam display case in school
2. Raising money for the Westfield MSA thru lollipop sales
3. Starting Friday prayer at an earlier time
4. Q&A session for non-Muslims in the school 5. 'How to pray class'

Accomplished Projects

1. Friday prayer at school

In the news...
Israel's Siege of Arafat Ends
Muslims running for U.S. Office Drops
U.S. Muslims Feel Marginalized





"In the name of God. The Most Compassionate, most merciful."

Next Meeting

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"Say: "If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support. (Al Quran, 17:88)


"You will not enter Paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love one another. Do you want me to tell you something you can do to make you love one another? Make it a habit to greet one another with "Asalamu Alaykum" - peace upon you." (narrated by Muslim)



Jummah Prayers

Every Friday, Insha-Allah we will have Friday prayers at Westfield High School in room A119, Ms. English's room.

If you are a student of Westfield High School, please sign up before Friday in room A119. If you are not a student, please e-mail here.

For any information regarding the Jummah (Friday) Prayers, please feel free to e-mail here.

Westfield MSA is part of the Northern Virginia Muslim Student Alliance.
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