Michelle  aka   Westfordgauthier
My name is Michelle Gauthier.  I'm 35 years old and live in Westford, VT (see where I got my user name!). Westford is about 20 miles outside of Burlington.  My husband Andy and I have been married for 11 years but have been together for 15 years.  We have two children Leo is 10 and Mary is 7.  Leo is a 2nd year Webelo Cub Scout and Mary is a 3rd year Brownie Girl Scout.

To keep me busy, not that the family doesn't, I am a Brownie leader for 17 girls, help out with the Cub Scouts, also belong to the Brick Meeting House Society (we are renovating a mid-1700's Brick Church into a community center), and finally the most challenging, the fundraising co-ordinator for our new playground.  In 20 months  we have raised  $45,000.00 for new playground equipment.  IT WILL BE INSTALLED BY September
These are my children, Leo 10yrs  and Mary 7yrs.  This was taken in the back yard this fall.
This is my husband Andy with Leo at the
Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner. We've been married 11 year but been together for 15yrs.
This is a picture my daughter took of me a few weeks after I started Ediets.
I was 200lbs.
This is a picture of me, my freshman year of college (1984).  I had lost alot of weight during my senior year of high school and was feeling and looking my best.  I was actually wearing a size 10.  My weight was around 135lbs.

These are the jean I wore in my first picture. They are size 16 and were extremely tight. Now look!
These are the size 18 jeans I was wearing when  I started Ediets. Now I can pull them off without unziping or buttoning them. 
This was taken on my birthday. This is a size 14 skirt, which Andy bought me.
I started Ediets on November 8th weighing 200lbs.
I set a goal to lose 50lbs.
After 20 weeks of good eating and exercising,

I'm now
That's 29lbs and 19"

updated 3/26/01