1981 Billings West High School
20th Year Class Reunion
August 3-5, 2001
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Tuesday - July 31st - Reunion Notes:  The worship service location has been changed to Sunday at 11 AM at West High!!  Come walk the halls, check out the school, and sing with your classmates.  More info at registration!  Everything is coming together - if you can help with different events, please let us know at registration.  We will need help cleaning up Friday night,  Golf starts at 9-ish or so - that is when you need to be there!  Be sure and tip the beer girls!!  You'll be GLAD you did! (wink!)  Memory books are not available if you didn't order one.  Please contact Spencer if you want one and he will add you to a list..  There will NOT be any extra available at registration!  CD's are available of our class reunion!  We must sell 20 before we can get them - only $35.20 - for more information contact spencer at