I was born on February 1st, 1954,

Last Updated - 17 NOV., 2007
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I use the name Joey Blue on-line and on all the photographs I take. When I came out to my parents, as a gay man, my father hoped , I would not use the family name. He also hoped I would move out of the state. I am originally from N. Syracuse, NY; but i have been living in Philadelphia, PA since November 30th, 1978. I guess i fulfilled his wish. I had become involved in gay life openly. I have attended one 'National March on Washington' and 'Gay Pride Celebrations' in more than one city. New York City for 'Stonewall 25' was a highlight ! I attended my first NYC gay pride celebration in 1974. I even did some free-lance photography for the ‘Philadelphia Gay News’.

I was adopted by a wonderful couple when i was between 1 and 2 years of age. They never hid this fact. This family that adopted me was about 75% Irish, but i never knew about my biological ancestry. A number of years ago i found out that my 'birth-name' was Irish. This indicates to me that i have Irish blood biologically, too. Being of Irish ancestry i was raised Catholic. I still believe in a God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am a born again Roman Catholic, but not perfected.

Celtic Astrology sign
See my Celtic Astrology Sign, not that i believe in this sort of thing.

As an amateur photographer i will continue to keep putting up new photos on this page. Every time you see a word underlined and highlighted, it probably will be a link to a photo or photos. - My Photography Gallery index page.

I have worked on a photo project to put Photographs up here for people to see of Philadelphia Public Sculptures,  Memorials and Fountains. They will be listed one page at a time. - My Photographs of Philadelphia Public Sculptures index page.

My Lover, also an America of Irish ancestry, and i have been together since January 12th, 1979. We love each other very much and live in a committed relationship together here in Philadelphia, PA. We live in 'Old City' [the historic section of Philadelphia]; just about 5 blocks from 'Independence Hall' & 'The Liberty Bell'.

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AIDS Awareness Ribbon

'Remembrance Mural in Philadelphia' - A Day Without Art & the PAGN project.
This Mural no longer exists.

'Remembrance of Matt Shepard' - And all those who suffer hate crimes weekly.

Simple digital Photo.

A photo of me 3 Nov 2003

You can see the progression of my beard over the years [37 photos from June 1973 - Dec. 23, 2002]

A short essay on jewelry, fashion, the kilt, being male and human.

Want to see a Photos of me with really long hair taken in Oct.'86 & Apr.'89?

We had two cats, one died. They were brother & sister, which we rescued from a trip to the animal shelter . We have had them since they were 8 weeks old . It's my first experience with cats letting me live with them . Take a look at some Photos of them if you want to .

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