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The state of Kerala is a long and narrow strip along the southwestern tip of India. It ranges just over 15,500 sq.miles in area, and more than a quarter of which is covered by forests. The heavy rainfall (>100 inches) in several districts creates a land green and lush throughout the year. Paddy fields and coconut palms cover the plains while the hills grow cardamom, rubber, pepper, tea and coffee.

Kerala and its 25 million people compose one of the most densely populated states in India, but also the most advanced in terms of health and literacy indicators. Kerala is often cited in international fora for its spectacular advances in decreasing population growth and for its achievement of near total literacy for all Keralites, along with Standard Of Living Indicators that place Kerala into the Middle Income Group among societies, surpassing any other state in India, although Kerala remains one of the poorest states in terms of actual income, in India.

Keralites, as natives of Kerala are known, are very mobile, and can be found in nearly every inhabited continent of the world. Perhaps forced by the little economic opportunity provided within the state they have always comprised a large component of India's large expatriate population, far in excess of their share by way of population. In fact one of the major sources of income in Kerala is the remittance from Keralites abroad, especially from the Middle East or the Gulf as it is called in India.

The official language is Malayalam, spoken by over 95% of the population, making Kerala one of the most linguistically homogeneous states of India. The population of Kerala is approximately 1/2 Hindu, 1/4th Christian and 1/4th Muslim. The different religious groups of Kerala have co-existed peacefully.

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I know someone who wants to learn or improve his or her Malayalam, are there any resources that can help?

Courses at University of Texas at Austin.

During Summer session there is regular Intensive Malayalam class which totals 10 credit at the University of Texas at Austin. This session will teach students one full year worth of regular study. The session normally ends with a Kerala dinner at the Instructors house. Regular Malayalam classes at both graduate and undergraduate level are also offered during long semesters. The first semester starts in Fall and the full course lasts for 4 semesters. The text book used is "Malayalam: A University Course and Reference Grammar". by Rodney F. Moag. The Malayalam book is $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping. Malayalam tapes are $20 for a set of 10 tapes plus $10.00 for shipping and handling. The check for $40.00 has to be made out to Rodney Moag for the books and the one for the tapes, $30.00 made out to The University of Texas at Austin.

The address for the tapes is:
U.T. Language Lab,
BATTS 101,
The University of Texas at Austin,
Austin, TX 78712
The address for the book:

Rodney Moag,
Associate Professor,
Department of Asian Studies,
WCH 5.138
The University of Texas at Austin,
Austin, TX 78712
Dr. Scaria's Malayalam Textbook.

There are thousands of Malayalees scattered all over the world. The children of these emigrants study in English medium schools with no opportunities to learn their mother tongue. However, it is possible to teach them the language with the help of a suitable book with instructions in English. No such book was available until recently. Now a wonderful book entitled "Learning Malayalam through the English medium", written by Dr. K.S. Scaria, is being widely used in the U.S.A. The book has a foreword written by Dr. K.M. George, one of the foremost authorities on Malayalam language and grammar; an introduction by Padmashree K.J. Jesudas, and it comes highly recommended by Prof. M.V. Pylee, the former Vice Chancellor of Cochin University."

For your order contact:
Dr. K.S. Scaria
N22 W22201 Meadowood Ct.
Waukesha, WI 53186
The book costs $15.00*
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