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  • Live Shows-The Cockettes

    Kreemah Ritz as the trademark Statue of Liberty which opened the live shows

    Hibiscus in Madame Butterfly at Sonoma State College 1970. Photo by Kreemah Ritz.

    Headjob: This is a live show that never happened.

    Hibiscus song sheet for Faitytale Extravaganza 1970. Courtesy of Walter Harris.

  • Flier art for last Cockette show by Billy Orchid 1972.

    Rumi as Tina Turner

  • Bobbie Cameron as Gypsy in Hollywood Babylon 1970

  • Rick (to his friends) Elfman and his 29-year-old brother Danny both have "red" hair that is actually more a rusty orange. Together, the brothers founded "The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo," a one-time traveling theater-music troupe currently incarnated as the very modern Oingo Boingo. Richard dropped out of the group a few years ago to pursue filmmaking, which was his first love. (He approves of the new Oingo Boingo, incidentally, and has just finished a videotape for them set to their song, "Private Life.") [note: pre MTV and the phrase 'music video'.] His first film production efforts were with the infamous Cockettes, a transvestite theater group Elfman performed with in San Francisco in the '70s. Before long, he and his brother returned to the states to form the Mystic Knights - whose up-the -down ever-evolving career is well known in Los Angeles. resource
    From the 1970 Halloween Show that was featured in the movie 'Palace', 'Les Ghouls'. pictured: Pete Kalman, Rick Elfman, Rumi as Mick Jagger. Kreemah Ritz in the back as Frankenstein.

  • Rumi in the 1970 musical "Pearls Over Shanghai" Ross Alley, Chinatown.

  • Bobbie Cameron & Kreemah Ritz. Original production of Pearls Over Shanghai Palace Theater 1971 photo by: Suzy Creamcheese

  • Inez Paloma, Kreemah Ritz, John Rothermel, Martin Worman. Final NY performance of Pearls over Shanghai 1971. Photo by: Bud Lee

    This is probably my favorite relic, a poster of the 1970 show with the Cockettes, Iggy Pop and the GTO's at the Hollywood Palladium that never happened. The cops shut it down before the ,Cockettes even got on the plane because Lawrence Welk, the owner of the club, had heard that the Cockettes were going to expose themselves. That would have been so great!

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