straight outta Philly!

"Perch can be a fish or a stick, but we think of it as the time spent alone, above or away from the crowd, to reflect on the beauties and horrors of this distorted world."

Hello, you've been clever enough to find timmi-kat ReCoRDS, the kool micro-label in San Francisco, CA and an outlet for Perch. After living in San Francisco for two years their singer, Glen Naessens, has moved back to the east coast and is fulfilling a life-long dream of running a club, The Venus Fly Trap. The Perch tape distributed by timmi-kat ReCoRDS is a 4-song digalog cassette, What goes on?, the same cassette that had been available during Perch's last tour.
Featuring the songs:

"it was more like a nerf pebble."

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