At Ben Gurion Airport 2.

Literal Translation

Helena: Mikhael, where (does) Boris live?
Mikhael: Moment, moment, Daphna, excuse me, where (is) the phone?
Daphna: Here, there, please.
Mikhael: Thanks. Hallo? Who (is) it? Boris?
Boris... Boris, Shalom! Speaking Mikhael. Mikhael Gurewitch from Leningrad.
I (am) in Israel, I (am) at Ben Gurion airport.
Boris, where you live? In Ashdod? Where (is) Ashdod? Ah, well.
You work at a bank? Thanks! See you!
Mikhael: Daphna, excuse me, where (is) Ashdod?
Daphna: Ashdod (is) next to Tel-Aviv.
Between Tel-Aviv and Ashkelon.
Helena: (is it) Good in Ashdod?
Daphna: Well very. Mikhael, you (are a) musician, you (are an) engineer?
Mikhael: I (am) a construction engineer.
Daphna: And you?
Helena: I (am) a physician.
Daphna: Ah, you (are a) physician. I work at the airport.
Yuri: You work at the airport. You (are) secretary. I (do) not work. I (am a) student, but he (is a) professor (The name of Yuri's dog is Professor).
Daphna: You speak Hebrew beautifully.
Yuri: Yes, I speak Hebrew, I speak also Russian.
Even Professor speaks Hebrew and Russian, ture?
Daphna: Please...
Helena: (It is) Hot in Israel! Where (are the) suitcases? Where (is) the bus?
Daphna: Please... here (are) the suitcases? Good luck, good luck!
Helena: Yuri.



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