At Ben Gurion Airport

Lesson 1, Part One


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S-deh Te-u-fa (m.) = Airport
Be... = at, in
Me... = from
Mish-pa-cha (f.) = Family
Mish-pa-chat ... = The X family
Sha-lom = Hi
Ken = Yes
Lo = No
Ani = I am
Ata (m.) = You are
At (f.) = You are
Hu = He is
Hi = She is
Pa-kid (m.) = Secretary
Pki-da (f.) = Secretary
Mis-rad (m.) = Office
Mis-rad ha-Kli-tah (m.) = Ministry of Absorption
Mi = Who
Mi a-ta (m.) = Who are you?
Mi at (f.) = Who are you?
O-leh Cha-da-sh (m.) = Immigrant to Israel
O-lah Cha-da-sha (f.) = Immigrant to Israel
Ach-shav = Now
Sli-chah (f.) = Pardon me
Na-im me-od = Nice to meet you!
Gam = As well
Cha-da-sh (m.) = New
Me-ayin = from where
Ey-fo = Where
Mitz-ra-yim (f.) = Egypt



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