Unit 2, Part 1, "In the Flat in Ashdod"

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Part 1: In the flat in Ashdod. This is the city of Ashdod. This is neighbourhood 'c'. This is "Akhad-Haam" street. This is house number 29.
This is the fourth floor. Here lives the Gurewitch family.
Helena: This is a beautiful city. This is a beautiful neighbourhood.
This is a nice building. This is a big and beautiful flat.
Boris: Indeed, Ashdod is a beautiful city.
Michael: Nice city, beautiful street, nice building, nice flat, but no furniture, there are only two beds.
Helena: No table, no chair, no cupboard, no stove.
Yuri: But, there is a fridge. There is nothing in the fridge.
Boris: What is the problem? In Ashdod there's a furniture shop. In Ashdod there's a merket place as well.
Anna: At the market place there are good and inexpensive furniture.
Yuri: Excellent. When do we go to the market?
Boris: We go now...
Helena: You too?
Boris: Yes, yes, we too!



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