Unit 3

The National Dish I.

Literal Translation

Part I: The national dish.
Yuri: Mother, I would like to have Falafel.
Helena: Why all of a sudden Falafel?
Yuri: It is Israeli food.
Helena: Is it healthy food?
Yuri: It is cheap food.
Michail: We want cheap and healthy food.
Yuri: Father, mother, here is Dafnah.
Michail: Shalom Dafnah.
Dafnah: Shalom.
Helena: How are you?
Dafnah: Good.
Helenah: What are you eating?
Dafnah: I am eating Falafel.
Helena: Is it tasty?
Dafnah: Yes, it is tasty.
Helena: Also Yuri wants Falafel.
Dafnah: And you? What do you want?
Helena: I want healthy food.
Dafnah: In the Pita (flat bread) there is Falafel, Tkhina (sesame paste), salad and Khummus (chickpea spread).
It is healthy.
Helena: In Falafel there are vitamines.



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