Unit 3

Part III.

Literal Translation.

Part III, One must pay.
Mikhail: Try something.
Yuri: Thanks. Now I want to drink a coke.
Helena: I want to drink juice. Maybe you also want to drink juice?
Daphnah: Yes, why not?
Vendor: Lady, which juice do you want?
Daphnah: I would like to have orange juice.
Vendor: Maybe you also want a cake?
Mikhail: Moment, Moment,... one doesn't need a cake. In Falafel there are lots of calories.
Daphnah: Right, I want only coffee.
Yuri: Now also I want to eat ice.
Mikhail: Falafel is cheap food, but you want to eat Falafel, cakes, ice, juice and coke.
It isn't cheap, and I must pay.



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