Unit 4.

The Bus Ride, Part I.

Literal Translation

Part 1: In the Bus.
Passenger 1: What is new in the paper?
Passenger 2: Quite please!
Passenger 3: Excuse me, what is the hour?
Passenger 2: The hour is one.
Passenger 3: Thanks.
Michail: Excuse me, here stands bus number 25?
Boy: Yes.
Michail: Shalom, how much costs a ticket?
Driver: Today the ticket costs Shekel and seventy Agorot.
Michail: How much costs a ticket for a new immigrant?
Driver: Shekel and seventy Agorot.
Michail: Where is the central bank?
Driver: Which bank you need? The bank on Bialik street or on Herzl street?
Michail: On Bialik street.
Driver: You must take (travel) three stations.
Michail: Thanks.



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