The Bus Ride, Part 2.

Literal Translation

Part 2. : The Bus
Michail: Excuse me, I want to sit. Possible?
Passenger: Please. Excuse me, you new immigrant, true? You live in Ashdod.
Michail: True, and you are vendor at market in Ashdod.
Passanger: True. Shalom, how are you?
Michail: Good, thanks.
Passenger: Where you travelling?
Michail: I travel to central bank in Bialik street.
Passenger: To central bank? This (is) good. Well, how are you?
Michail: All right.
Passenger: Only all right? What (is) the problem?
Michail: Keeps silent.
Passenger: You need (a) table? In (the) market (there) is cheap table.
Michail: Table? I need (a) job.
Passenger: Job? This no problem.
Michail: This big problem! I want to work, because I need money.



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