Unit 5, The Post Office.

Literal Translation

Helena: Nu, what to write?
Mikhael: Not must write "Grandmother" and not must write "Shalom".
Helena: Not must ask "What your peace".
Yuri: Not must write "please" and not "thanks".
Helena: Not must write "send quick". The licence important and grandmother knows.
Yuri: We can write only "Grandmother Shalom! Licence-driving".
Daphna: There is line, please line up.
Well, have you telegram new? I may read?
Yuri: Yes, please.
Daphna: "Grandmother shalom! Licence driving!" Not need "Shalom", you may write only "Grandmother, licnece-driving".
Mikhael: Thanks, see you.
Yuri: Where? maybe in bank? also there is line. Also there write. You can work at bank.
Helena: Yuri, not nice.
Mikhael: Possible to go home?
Helena: This (is a good) idea. Not need licence-driving. Possible go by foot or travel by bus.
Yuri: Thanks, Daphna, not need telegram.

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