Unit 5, The Post Office.

Literal Translation

Daphna: Shalom Helena, Shalom Mikhael, here also Yuri. What you do at Post?
Yuri: What we do at post? Send telegram. What you do at post?
Daphna: Now I work at post. At airport queue. Also at post queue. At airport ask questions and at post ask questions. There write and here write. This easy job and this easy job.
Mikhael: I want to send telegram to mother mine.
Daphna: Your mother in Russia?
Helena: Yes, mother his in Russia and also licence-driving his in Russia.
Daphna: Have you problem.
Helena: Please, here telegram ours.
Daphna: This telegram not good. In Telegram yours are many words not important.
Mikhael: O.K., O.k., what to write?

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