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On-line Resources Asian/Pacific People with AIDS

Support/Resource groups for Asian/Pacific People with AIDS

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Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention 399 Church St, 3rd Floor Toronto, Canada (416) 351-0131. Asian Community AIDS Services 33 Isabella Street #107 Toronto, ON M4Y 2P7 416/963-4300, Fax: 416-963-4371 Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (AS-AP, Asian Support - AIDS Project, is a program of ASIA) Suite 507 - 1033 Davie Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1M7 Canada Tel: (604) 669.5567 Fax: (604) 669.7756 Email: Acting Executive Director for AS-AP is Henry Koo Outreach Educator is Terence Yip Atish: HIV/AIDS Awareness Project for the South Asian community. Languages spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu. Atish Network, Attn: Al-Qamar Sangha Box 345-1027 Davie St Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2, Canada


Arrow P.O. Box 5151 U.O.G. Station Mangilao, GU 96923 USA 734-4080 Coral Life Foundation P.O. Box 5183 Agana, GU 96910 USA 649-4874


AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan Post Box 5308 New Delhi 110 053, India Community work in issues of education, health, law, women, gay men and lesbians, professional blood donors, and drug abusers.


Gaya Dewata Jln Belimbing Gg Y No. 4 Denpasar, Bali 80231 (62-361) 222620 (9:30 am to 3:30pm WITA) Coordinates HIV/AIDS-related activities. Hotline AIDS Mitra Indonesia Jln Kebon Kacang 9 No. 78 Jakarta Pusat 10240 Ph./FAX (62-2) 310-0855 (3pm - 8pm WIB) Hotline AIDS 'Triple M,' PKBI Jln Landak Baru 55 Ujungpandang, Sul-Sel 90135 (62-411) 871051 (10am to 4pm WITA) Lentera, PKBI Jln Tentara Rakyat Mataram Gg Kapas Badran, Yogyakarta 55231 (62-274) 513595, FAX 513566 E-mail: Yayasan Abdi Asih Jln Dukuh Kupang Timur X/11 Surabaya, Ja-Tim 60256 (62-31) 580355 Yayasan Citra Usadha Indonesia Jln Belimbing Gg Y No. 4 Denpasar, Bali 80231 (62-361) 222620 (9:30am t- 3:30pm), FAX 229487 Yayasan Gaya Celebes PO Box 1309 Ujungpandang, Sul-Sel 90013 (62-411) 510943 Yayasan Kemanusiaan c/o Jln Mulyosari Timur 46 Surabaya, Ja-Tim 60112 (62-31) 593-4924, 594-1075 FAX 593-9070 (attn: Dede Oetomo) E-mail: Yayasan PRIAngan P.O. Box 1819 Bandung, Ja-Bar 40018 (62-22) 250-4325 Yayasan Utama Jln Diponegoro 8 Pekanbaru, Riau 28111 Ph./FAX (62-76) 37645


AIDS Hotline in Japan 03-3359-2477 Sa 19:00-22:00 03-5256-3002 Sa 13:00-18:00 0720-48-2044 Kansai


Library Foundation Conducts HIV/AIDS prevention workshops for MSMs (Men having Sex with Men.) The Foundation's mailing address is: P.O. Box 1502, CPO Quezon City 1155 (632)98-67-60. Remedios AIDS Foundation 1066 Remedios, Malate, Manila. The AIDS Hotline operates from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 8 pm with the following phone numbers: (632) 500-551; (632) 500-921; (632) 597-450. For women who prefer to speak with a woman volunteer, call (632) 504-427 or (632)504-507 for the Women's AIDS Hotline.

United States

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For further information, check out Critical Path's A/P AIDS support group list.


Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum APIAHF, Inc. 116 New Montgomery Street, Suite 531 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)512-2710 Fax: (415)512-3881 Washington D.C. Area: (703)841-9128 Fax: (703)841-9017 E-mail: The mission of the APIAHF is to promote improvement in the health status of all Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.


AIDS Intervention Team - Asian Pacific Lesbians and Gays (Multi-lingual) Box 443, Suite 109 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046 (213) 680-1066 AIDS Project Los Angeles-Asian Pacific AIDS Education Project 4249 E. Boulevard #6 Los Angeles, CA 90066 213/962-1600 AIDS PROJECT Asian Health Services FREE confidential HIV testing * Case management * Primary care * Health Education * Youth Program * Bilingual Services * 310 - 8th St., Suite 220 Oakland, CA 94607 AIDS project number (510) 444-2437 Fax: 510/451-2786 APLA Multi-language AIDS Information and Referral Line (Los Angeles Area) (800) 922-2438 Asian Americans for Community Involvement, HIV/AIDS Project 2400 Moorpark Ave., Ste. 300 San Jose, CA 95128 (408)975-2730 Asian/Pacific AIDS Coalition 995 Market St., Ste #1120 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)243-8909, Fax: (415)243-8628 Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team 1313 W. Eight St., Ste. 224 Los Angeles, CA 90017 213/353-6055, Fax: 213/353-6057 Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum 116 New Montgomery Street, Suite 531 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)512-2710 Fax: (415)512-3881 Asian Pacific Islander Community AIDS Project (APICAP) c/o AIDS Foundation 140 Arbor Drive San Diego, CA 92138 619/291-2055 Asian Pacific Islander Orange County AIDS Project (APIOCAP) P.O. Box 3056 Bristol Station Santa Ana, CA 92703 Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center 730 Polk Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 292-3400 FAX: (415) 292-3404 API Wellness Center is the largest comprehensive AIDS service provider for Asian and Pacific Islander people in the United States. It is the merged organization of Asian AIDS Project and Living Well Project in San Francisco. The mission of the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center is to provide culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS education, support and prevention programs to the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, and to empower, support and enhance the lives of A/PIs living with HIV/AIDS. Filipino AIDS Hotline 25 Van Ness Ave., Ste. 660 San Francisco, CA 94102 415/864-5855, FAX 415/552-1583 800/FIL-AIDS (Northern California only) FTFA - Filipino Task Force On AIDS 1546 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102. Executive Director: Daniel Toleran email:
Founded by activist Jaime Geaga (executive director emeritus and a person with AIDS). The task force has set up a tambayan, a weekly social group for gay Filipino men to come together, learn their culture, talk about coming out to their families, debate issues and make tsismis. They have workshops which incorporate a structured discussion about HIV-related issues, topics which will reduce or eliminate unsafe sex practices. Aside educating groups that engage in high-risk behavior and new immigrants who are exploring their sexuality, FTFA offers medical care access, social services, couonseling andhousing p;rograms to individuals with HIV. They've also launched a Community Mobilization Project to get donations and secure volunteers from the community.

Pilipino AIDS Task Force, LA
Contact Napoleon Lustre at (818) 500-1951

West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center
965 Mission St. Room 500
San Francisco, CA 84103. 


Colorado Asian AIDS Task Force c/o APCHD 1825 York St. Denver, CO 80218

District of Columbia

Asian & Friends Washington Foundation PO Box 18964 Washington DC 20036 202-986-AFWF Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum Washington D.C. Area: (703)841-9128 Fax: (703)841-9017


LIFELINE: Asian/Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Outreach Project c/o Jennifer Kim 1380 Church Street, # C Decatur, GA 30030-1521 (404)371-0572 contact: Jennifer H. Kim email: LIFELINE's mission is to provide and advocate culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate HIV/AIDS education, services, and support for the Asian/Pacific Islander communities in the Atlanta area.


AIDS PROJECT HAWAII P.O. Box 8425 Honolulu, Hawaii 96830 (808) 926-2122 FAX: (808) 732-2494. AIDS PROJECT HAWAII is a 501(c)(3)charitable organization working with Pacific Islanders.


Asian American AIDS Foundation 5412 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 (312)989-7220 FAX (312)989-7769 AIDS HOTLINE - 1-800-243-2437 TDD/TTY: 1-800-782-0423


Massachusetts Asian AIDS Prevention Project (MAAPP) P. O. Box 543 Prudential Station Boston, MA 02119 (617)499-9531

New York

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS 275 7th Ave. New York, NY 10001 212/620-7287, Fax: 212-620-7323 Kambal sa Lusog New York City Filipino AIDS Service Organization. No information available at the moment. South Asian AIDS Action P. O. Box 1326 Peter Stuyvesant Station New York, NY 10009-1326 (212) 239-1451 ext. 6126


AIDS Services in Asian Communities (ASIAC) 201 South 12th Street, Suite 1R Philadelphia, PA 19107 Phone: (215) 629-1945 Fax: (215) 629-1973 email: Critical Path AIDS Project 2062 Lombard Philadelphia, PA 19146 215/545-2212, Fax:215/735-2762


Asian Pacific AIDS Council P.O. Box 3161 Seattle, WA 98114 206/386-2532, Fax: 206/722-2044

Books and Articles concerning AIDS in Asian/Pacific Communities

Choi, K.H. "High HIV risk among gay Asian and Pacific Islander men in San Francisco." AIDS. 9.3. Mar 1 1995. 306.

"Welcome to Japan." Reports from the Yokohama AIDS conference. Outrage: a magazine for lesbians and gay men. 137. Oct 01 1994. 10.

The Bangkok Post, 3-31-95.

More from The Bangkok Post, 3-31-95.

Films concerning AIDS in Asian/Pacific Communities

Bolo Bolo
        Producers: Gita Saxen and Ian Rashid, in conjunction with the
        Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention and Toronto Living With
        1991, 30 MINUTES
        Focusing on the South Asian community of Toronto, this video is a
        constructuve tool for facilitators, educators, community workers
        and anyone interested in organizing around issues of health,
        sexuality, and cultural identity.

Flowing Hearts: Thailand Fights AIDS
        John Goss, Director
        1992 : Thailand/USA : 32 minutes : GLBO :
        The White Line Dance Troupe uses Thai and modern dance to enact
        AIDS awareness. Thai gay/AIDS activists are interviewed.

        Tran T. Kim-Trang, Director
        1994, Video 17 min., color, US
        The third tape in Tran's Blindness Series investigates the
        conjunction of sexuality with the eye as purveyor of desire
        and the sexual fear and fantasy of blindness, with a focus on
        the blindfold, women and AIDS.  An elegant, challenging,
        sexy work with deftly-juxtaposed visual and audio elements.

Out in Silence & Not a Simple Story
        Christine Choy, Director
        1994, 37 minutes
        These poignant films tell the stories of two Asian Pacific Americans:
        one straight and one gay, Robyn Tirrell, a resident of Hawai'i,
        and Vince Crisostomo, a native of Guam and resident of San Francisco.
        Both have lost loved ones to AIDS.  In two films, they have chosen
        to disclose their own HIV-positive status to remedy the lack of
        information and denial about AIDS in their communities.  With
        courage, determination, and a sense of privacy, they and their
        families and friends step out of their private lives and publicly
        challenge the myth that Asian Americans do not get AIDS.


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