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This is Kim's Home page

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Hello everyone, This is my home page. I call myself Pamela Ann and I am a transgendered person. I am now living full time as my feminine persona of Pamela Ann. I transitioned at work on Nov 30,1998. Everybody has been very kind and accepting and I am very happy. One special person I would like to thank for her support is Kimberley McNelis. Kim gave me the courage to begin to accept myself and want to proclaim myself to the world.

NEW - July 29,1998 - NEW

I have made a new friend thru the Web her name is Beverly Barnes. I have added a link to her home page, check it out she is a lovely girl and is going thru the same issues all us *girls* are going thru.

NEW - Oct 27,1998 - NEW

I have added a link to Debbie's Den a great chat room for transgenered people. The Pink Room is where I spend my time, I have made many friends there. It is a fun place where you can be yourself and not worry about what people think!!

NEW - Nov. 12,1998 - NEW

I have added a link to Paula Funatake a new friend who has some great things to say. Check out her page, it will be worth your while!!!

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