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"When I look for moments on the web that make me imagine, dream and grow... here are the places I find myself returning to. Here are the places that haunt my moments. and by the way.. they are all free."

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Xpressions - Toronto's Transgendered Support Club!

Xpressions is an open, non-discriminatory club: Anyone may join regardless of one's gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, race or nationality. Xpressions supports all expressions of gender diversity.

I have personally used the following stores and services and can vouch for their high level of service and commitment to the T* community.

Kirsch Cosmetics

For all your Cosmetic needs and Makeup Lessons - they sell MAC Cosmetics

Address: 257 Eglington Ave. West

Toronto, Ontario

Phone: 416-487-4887

Take a Walk on the Wildside



Weekly Parties, Overnight Stays by Appointment

161 Gerrard Street East,

Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2E4Canada

(416) 921-6112

For Breast Forms

ButterFly Image

For The Diva Breast Enhancer and Veronica Fanny and Waist Padder

Classic Curve International

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The following sources have swell lists of links to cd web sites,
especially to many personal pages
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Above & Beyond, Inc.

Cross Dress WebRing

The List of the TG Ring!

Tammy's Place

Vanity Club Members

 Vickie's Vixens

Lisa's Ladies

Sabina's TV Delight 

Anna's Transgender and Transsexual Link

Alyson's Attic

Dawn's Bungalow

Hazel's TV Times

Naturally Natasha

Transevestite, Transsexual, Transgendered Home Page

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Proprietor's Reserve
Very Special Attractions

Here's Our Site Of The Moment

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ALEXUS ANGEL: Sweet blonde Texas bombshell. The classic golden girl.

AUDREY'S HOUSE: Naughty Audrey in her first communion dress... sigh!

BARBIE SATIN: Take Barbie. Change her, equipment for more, er, torque. Wrap in pink satin. Very adult.

BRIDGET'S PLACE: What's a sweet Irish lass doing in getups like these? Trouble with an angel's face.

CRYSTAL'S STORY SITE: A cache of original CD stories. Like coming upon a mini (and delicious) Fictionmania! What a find!

SISSY CHRISIE: This is the astonishing entertainment of a brazen waif. Take a spin around these links. Also a select Betticut gallery. Whuff!

EVA FRUITE'E: French beauties are a very peculiar group. Bred for show, they do what..... Eva does in a website best described by one word.... "WOW"!

FELICITY: She's an Aussie. She's daring but cute... cutely daring with legs.

GIRL-O-MATIC: Let's you click-up the most arousing little distressed mansel problems.

GWEN: Think Martha Stewart in a teddy. Charm, civility and the right touch of getdown naughty...

JACKIE'S HOME: Aargh.... This is the wench who makes the pro's tear up. Imagine a CD in underwear... no corseting, no girdling... And imagine it WORKING! Hereza site for soaring eyes.

JHERILEE tg poetess: JheriLee won't call this a Salon. It is. Nowhere else is anyone packing cd graphics and text into risky mental grenades like these. There's danger here... you come away feeling - deeply.

JILL AMBROSE: You want links? You want links that are weeded and watered and pruned with the care of a great gardener? Here's a site to bookmark. Everybody's starting point on an evening of surfing.

KAYLA & DOMINO MASQUE'S: Here's something edgy.

THE TERRIBLE PLIGHT OF LACY FATE: From SkinFictionStudios a free CD site that's more like a novel. For those with 4.0+ browsers, our own designers worked on this tale of Tim Mitty committed to Pansy Pond. A must! See why reviewers call it, "The most unusual site in this genre... Nothing like it." Whoa!

LINDA'S PARADISE: Pert & perky = sexy... Linda's a babe w/ very moist links.

LISA WILLIAMS (Lisa's TV License): There is no one with a broader sense of the outrageous. Lisa Williams ownes the license.

LORI: Simply put - 'Elegance'. Oh yea, don't miss Lori's bridal portraits.

LOWLA: The High Maintenance girl lacks a bad angle. And wow, there are so many angles preserved on this site.

MAID ANNE'S FRENCH MAIDS: Okay, so we're easy for boy/girls in uniform. Short, fluffy uniforms. So is Maid Anne. Love it.

MELISSA: Melissa is the frou-frou princess. From pink little girls, thru cheerleaders and schoolyard vamps... Melissa is costumed fantasy.

PAMELA: This British elf gets sorta, er, tied up in the job. There's a nifty Betticut gallery of originals and lots of knotty problems in the gallery.

SABINA: Think secretary with legs longer than a Presidential speech... Think 'long drink of water.' Think heels that could inject drugs... only more addictive. You've got Sabina... and a site that will make you twitch.

SAPHIRE: Stories and drawings and stuff - all updated like a great magazine.

SHAVONNA: This is just the most wicked, exhausting and engorging place for adults to gaggle. Shavonna is too leggy, too painted and too blonde for anybody's health. Wonderfully trashy.

SherylTv: Another burbling SkinFictionStudios free Illustrated CD Romantic Adventure Fiction site starring the winner of our international search for a new face of 1999. Very moist.

FICTIONMANIA: How can this be done? Who has the time to put this thing together? It is stunning, it is exhausting, it is complex, it is simple. It is one-stop-fantasy fiction.

SISSYDANI: One of the few sizzling TV/CD fiction writers who is also illustrating the work. And turning out fine new stuff at warp speed. Perhpas the most prolific multi-media artist in the genre. Plus, SissyDani is a babe.

SUSAN'S BOUDOIR: Dunno the reason. Maybe it's the fudge recipies? Or izzit the proper British reserve? Susan is charming.

STACY: This is one of the all-time alluring tg beauties and a broiling glamor photographer.

SUZI: Simply one of the world's great memories. A beauty who makes little boys... big.

TANYA: There are too many personalities here to stereotype this place. Tanya is a fantasy artist. She is her canvas. The results are... moist.

THERESA ANN THOMPSON: Sweet & a tad shy.

TV TIMES: Here's a great idea that could be a classic with a little more work.

SEXY WENDI'S DRESSING ROOM: One word review, "Yipes!" This is the riskiest site. Careful, it sears.

YOLANDA'S WORLD: Elegance... enough said.





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