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Last Update: 30 October 1997
den's Home Page
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Hi, I'm den Drown, and this is my first attempt at a home page. I'll be learning HTML and JAVA as I go, so the page should get better as I continue to develop it.

This page isn't completely set up yet, but I'd like to...


If you'd like to email me, I'm at ddrown@americantelnet.com.

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Who am I?

My Name den Drown. My full name is Dennis John Drown. My sister started calling me "den" when I was a kid. I like it because it sounds so much less formal than Dennis. I usually spell it with a small d because it just seems more friendly to me.

"Can't Swim. " If you know me as cantSwim or cantSwimFL, let me reassure you that, yes, I can swim. The "Can't Swim" comes from my last name, Drown, and a trick that my family uses to help people spell it correctly. You see, most people want to spell my last name B-R-O-W-N. So I tell them D-R-O-W-N-LIKE-WHEN-YOU-CAN'T-SWIM. Sometimes this gets a chuckle out of the person, but often it doesn't work and the name still comes out on paper as B-R-O-W-N. Brown is apparently the preferred mispelling, but I've also seen Down, Crown, Drow, Drowning, Drowns, Drum, and even Drwn by someone who apparently did not like vowels very much.

You may find this funny: My company put out a new Organizational Chart several months ago, and I was on it as "den Crown". One of my co-workers pulled me aside and told me, "Oh, I see they finally made you queen."

My "Stats" Gay White Male, 27 years old, very tall (6'4 and a half"), 165#, blond hair, green eyes, smooth, swimmer's build, german decent. The pictures on this page are from about two years ago.  I don't have anything more recent scanned.  My last pair of disposible contact lenses died a while back, so picture me with glasses.  I may get more contacts after I sell my car...
My Location Hollywood, Florida.. I love it here because this is one of the most cosmopolitan and open-minded areas in the USA. If you have never been to South Florida, you need to come and see what it's all about. 
My Job First Call Communications/American TelNet. I work as a computer programmer for a telecommunications company (well, actually two sister companies) in South Florida.  Basically I make computers talk to phone switches and Voice Response Units.

American TelNet does adult services 800/900 call switching like Psychic Lines, Datelines, and much much more. Click on the logo if you want to see ATN's site.

First Call does inbound and outbound call center type work. If you'd like to visit their web page, click on the logo.

My Interests
  • Languages: I love them!  I speak French, American Sign Language, and some Esperanto, Spanish, and a little German. 
  • Photography
  • Corvettes
  • I used to be into Martial Arts (Aikido), but I've stopped for a while. 



    I am an amateur photographer sporting an older (mostly) manual Pentax SLR camera. I have found that I enjoy working with a manual camera because it forces me to stay very in tune with all the pieces of what go into a good picture.  Although I don't shoot film as much as I used to, I have themes that I especially enjoy shooting right now:

    Unfortunately I have only one example of my work scanned as of now. I just had a good friend get a scanner though, so look for more examples soon. CLICK HERE!  The model's name is Tim--he's my lover, soul-mate, and an incredible friend. If you like, you can drop him a note at chico1FL@aol.com.

    I did model one time for a friend on mine in Charlotte who is also an amateur photographer although he plans on possibly publishing his work one day.  He shot the black-and-white on this page plus one or two more.

    My 1977 L-82 Corvette

    I bought my first Corvette, a White 1977 with a 220 hp 350 cid L-82 engine.  She runs pretty well, but I am developing a list of things I want to do to restore her.  I have loved Corvettes since I was a little kid and Eckler's Corvette Parts sponsered my little league team.  I hated baseball, but I thought that was the most beautiful car I had ever laid eyes on.  Third generation sharks will always be my favorites and I am proud to finally own one.

    I want to take scan some pictures for this page, but I haven't gotten to it yet.  I have, however, found a few 1977s on the Web.  Here they are:

    Here is  Les & Sue Hesley's 1977. I don't know Les & Sue and I'm going to write them to make sure they don't mind my showing off their baby on my page.  CLICK HERE to visit their home page.

    Here are two 1977s. I believe the orange is an L-82.  Sorry, but I don't remember the page where I found this picture.

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    Wanna Buy a 1995 Firebird Pro-Am?

    This is a 1995 Pro Am Limited Edition Firebird, 5 spd, 43k miles, air, cassette, in very good condition. I am asking $11,500 or best offer.  I can't afford two car payments for much longer so please make me an offer.  Call me at 954-453-7253 (day) or 954-962-8955 (evening), or email me.


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