Western Journal

Volume 46 Issue #4

Research Upon Metacalpholate-X

Regis Dystopos, M.PsyCer, M.Psy.Cer, B.vd


This is a report upon the results of tests of Metacalpholate-X and its antidote, Metacapholate-Y Herein called M/X and M/Y) carried out upon 30 volunteers from the Holmsburk Penitentiary in Clurksville AZ. All claims for the drug have been verified by this study and we recommend its licensing for prescription use upon the general population subject o FDA Order 6969-069 (US 9/09/37). It may be safety administered (within the guidelines discussed herein) upon the general population wit/or without mixture of M/F and M/S, which we have studied in the past (see "Shy People and the Sex Driven", The Western Journal, Vol. 45, Issue 4: 4/1/87, Pp. 132-185).

We utilized the D-Stump Double Blind procedures as recommended and none of our subjects were aware of whether they were receiving placebos or the actual drug. None of the six subjects receiving placebos exhibited any of the characteristics of those receiving the drug. 100% of those receiving some mixture of M/X exhibited common results. Additional results were dependably achieved by inoculating similar mixtures of M/X and either/or M/F-M/S. All of the results were entirely predictable and the results consistently reproducible (a claim even aspirin cannot make). (Go to Page 691)