The Joe Bates Saga

What is the Joe Bates Saga, and why is it so special?
The Bates Saga is one of a handful of TG Fiction where the characters act like real people caught in a situation that they have no control of. But unlike other TG Fiction, the story does NOT revolve around either a punishment agenda, or a sexual theme.
Here, Joe Bates, and his three co-workers find themselves victims of an Industrial Accident. An Advanced Electronics Array from the aircraft they were testing changes them in a way thought impossible. The story follows Joe, Mike, Dave and Tim as they cope with the changed in their lives. The changes are not static, it seems that while they have been changed into women, they are also seeming to get younger. Tim, who starts out a 21 year old assistant slowly starts looking like a 14 year old girl.
This story involves the people and their friends and loved ones, tring to cope with an up-copeable situation. Through 58 chapter wee follow Joe and "her" friends through their lives.
But at chapter 58, the author stopped writing, and has abandoned the project. While Bates is the most requested TG story on the net, it is NOT Complete. Just recently a few different authors have attempted to pick up where the original author left off. In talks with the Original Author he has given me the rights to the story for purposes of completion. This archive will have the different "variant" ending for your enjoyment.
So....sit back and follow Joe Bates, and "her" friends, Dave, Mike and Time, along with their co-workers and loves Jay and Linda. Soon you'll see why the Saga has become the most requested TG Story on the Net!

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