A Mistress – A Master
and a maid

(The Wicked Pleasures of a Live-in Slave)


Reality:  This isn’t a story – we are looking for female maid/slave to join our household and serve our desires. This is real. With that in mind – read on…

We are a San Francisco couple deeply engaged in a lifestyle of decadence, exploring bdsm, fetish and slavery.

Your world transformed, your reality twisted, your fantasies brought to life! Explore the life of submissive pleasures in our care and our service.


Training:  We are understanding, compassionate, caring… but you must learn to please us. We DO insist on having things our way and we insist that you learn the proper decorum in order to serve us. At times, you will fail, and punishment with be necessary. Other times you will excel and discover the many pleasures we can provide for good behavior. Training will be a continuing process.


The House:  We live twenty minutes from the center of San Francisco, in a unique and spacious home. The large house was built in 1906 and has been converted to our "special" needs. We have many rooms outfitted for pleasure and pain, from slings to cages, from whipping posts to bondage beds – and our collection of "special" toys is exceptional.


San Francisco:  Nearly everyone knows that San Francisco is the center of the bdsm universe. The S/M, B/D community here is unsurpassed for the amount and variety of support, classes, events, shopping and fetish culture. The Bay Area allows many opportunities to explore sexuality and alternative lifestyles in a surprisingly open atmosphere with others of similar tastes. Of course, for the maid/slave, this creates many opportunities to extend her service to parties and events.


Slave/Maid Duties:  Since this is real, we must negotiate realistic duties for our maid based on her abilities and interests. Some of the chores we need help with include cooking (we eat chicken, fish, fruits, salads, pasta, etc.) the cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, washing, some light ironing… the usual) the garden and other housekeeping. Since we are entrepreneurs with several businesses, we can also take advantage of any clerical skills our maid/slave might have. At parties and social events, we expect our maid/slave to on her best behavior and serve according to the occasion. Of course, the Mistress and Master also enjoy the sensual pleasures of their maid and expect to make liberal use of her abilities in and out of not just the kitchen, but also the boudoir and the dungeon. Again, duties are negotiable.


Fetish:  We would expect our serving girl to be properly attired. We would provide all clothing to enjoy the aesthetic and erotic possibilities of your situation. Depending on your tastes and ours, our maid may be dressed in a serving outfit of PVC, Latex, or Leather, a more traditional and elegant heels, stockings and garters, or perhaps a simple apron? We also have a fetish for corsetry. We would want to discuss this further with you when the time is appropriate and as we understand better what would work best for you.


BDSM – Play Limits:  Everyone has limits, no matter how much they might claim otherwise. We have real experience with slavery. That means we are prepared to deal with the realities and compromises of a practical, working, long-term slave relationship as well as the day-to-day limits at which you are prepared to play. We can negotiate real needs and still be in control. We will want to discuss your needs and our needs in depth, not just before we begin, but as an ongoing part of the relationship. We must both be able to adapt.


Sleeping Arrangements:  These are negotiable and variable. The possibilities range from your own bed, to ours, from a cage to the floor. There are many options.


Time off:  If you are a good maid, you will be granted time-off to enjoy the Bay Area – perhaps one day a week will be set aside for you to relax (more if necessity requires – less if you are the type of slave who prefers NO free time).


Money:  The position of maid/slave in our household is not a paid position. However, all your living expenses with us and other general needs will be taken care of and you will be given a small allowance for pocket money.


Trial Period:  This lifestyle is not for everyone, and of course compatibility is most important if we are to have a happy family. We should all assume that even after meeting and deciding we have the mutual interest in proceeding that there will be a trial period of perhaps a month to see how things work before we make longer commitments.


Who We Are:  Our lives are dedicated to exploring the intense sensations of alternate lifestyles. There are just the two of us here. We have no interest in children. However, there are other people who sometimes work with us in our home who would also enjoy your presence.

As a master, I have explored the bondage and discipline lifestyle for over 20 years. I’m in my early forties with a slim build, medium height, brown hair and eyes. I’m a successful entrepreneur who thrives on intense experiences.

My partner has explored for less years, but her journey has been equally intense. She is in her early thirties with long dark wavy hair, a deeply erotic bi-sexual woman of many needs and pleasures.

We are a good match for each other. We equally support and enjoy each other’s pleasures. We believe the addition of a maid/slave in our lives will add many possible dynamics for this exploration.


Who you are: The house needs a maid. We have much for you to do, and you can live the life of a true slave among people who are creative and experienced in this.

We want a woman we can keep, play with and expand our family, someone who has the craving for the passion and intensity of reality that we have. Playing for just a few hours is not enough for the many avenues of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual exploration we want to pursue with you.

To be with us, you must be real. You must want to live intensely. You must know yourself well enough to potentially commit to a very close involvement with us on many levels. We are not afraid to open ourselves to you emotionally, you must be the same.

You must be female, attractive, young (22 to 37) and healthy. You must be bi-sexual. The opportunities to smoke would be very limited, so it would be best if you didn’t. Drugs would not be allowed. We prefer you have a higher education, a sense of humor and speak enough English to get by (we welcome women from foreign countries, but we do not speak other languages).

Obviously you must be submissive and enjoy serving. You must be capable of great honesty – it is the foundation of any successful bdsm relationship. A bit of shyness would serve you well.


Do we continue?  We want to know much more about you, and we’re sure you have more specific questions.

Please don't write simple one line responses to our ad.  Make an effort to tell us at least as much about you as we have written about us.  You will need to tell us something about your prior experience in this lifestyle.  Tell us what you look like, how old you are and where you live. Tell us why our ad appeals to you.  Tell us something about who you are inside that brings you to this point in life. Attach a photo if you can and we will send you one back.

We will want to be sure you are someone who truly wants to experience the life of a slave-maid. We have much to offer and would become very involved with you.


Email: sfcouple@hotmail.com