Abbeygail Story 4


Abbeygail's Life

Part 4

Chapter Seven:

The Punishment

The punishment was going to fit the crime. Claire had already decided that, but I was left to wait in fear. She carefully researched the subject ofcross-dressing and questioned me on my likes and dislikes. The waiting was getting to me, then out of the blue she announced that next week we were both going on a holiday, and that week would be spent on part of my punishment. The week after that, she was going on holiday with some friends from work and she had made some very special arrangements for me. I could not wait.

The first Friday of our holiday, we packed the car and drove up toYorkshire to a small village of about twenty houses, just outside Inglewhite (I think). A friend of hers owned a holiday cottage, and we had free use of it return for a favour. We arrived late that night. I unpacked the car, but I could not find my suitcase. "Never mind," she said. "I have brought you something special to wear for the next few days, or weeks." I was now puzzled!

She packed her things in the main bedroom. I was sent downstairs to a small larder that had been converted into a very small bedroom that had a bed, a chest of drawers and very little else in it. This was to be my room for the rest of my stay. I failed to notice that there was a lock on the outside of the door.

"All right, you," she said. "Get your clothes off." I undressed too slowly, too slowly for her liking, so she grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut my clothes off. I was then ordered to light a fire using my clothes as kindling. It was cold standing there with no clothes on. Claire enquired if I was cold. "Yes," I answered. “Well, we better find you something to wear!” she said. She went to her room, but before she did she locked me in my room and turned the light off, which was also on the outside.

On her return she had with her some rather ill-fitting female clothes--it looked like a sort of maids uniform. She gave me a bra that was slightly too small, some knickers that were a flannel-type material, with elastic in the legs and waist and a cotton button-through overall in black and a plain white apron and cap. “This is your uniform for your week's maid training,” said Claire. “From now on you will call me that clear girl?"

"Yessss Madam,"stuttered the new maid.

When I was dressed she had me make up all the beds, two upstairs and one in the small room by the kitchen, or the cell as she kept referring to it.

"Tomorrow you training starts," she stated. “And your trainer arrives in the morning.”

"A trainer?" I asked.

“Yes a trainer, you own personal maid trainer, GET IT?!" she shouted. "Now in your cell!"

The door was looked and as I was tired I drifted into a deep sleep.


I was woken at 7 a.m. by Claire as she opened the cell door and put the light on. My punishment was about to start. She said “Your punishment for wearing my clothes without permission will be to totally cross-dress for the next four weeks" I was delighted that my wife was going to allow me to wear clothes of the opposite sex for the next few weeks! It did not seem like a punishment to me, but I was about to be taught a lesson that would eventually change my life.

She gave me some clothes to wear, knickers, and a dressing gown. "Put these on and make a cup of tea girl!" she barked. I went into the kitchen and made us both a cup of tea--that was another mistake. "All right!" she screamed. "Let's get one thing straight: you do as I say, you ask permission for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!"

"Yes Madam."

She took one step back and gave me a back-handed slap across my face, I was stunned into silence. Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Open it girl."

I jumped at the order. It was my new trainer, and when I looked and saw who it was I knew I was in Big Trouble; it was her Mother (Mrs. Harding). The Mother in Law was she going to train me as a maid. Claire greeted her Mum with hugs and kisses.

"Tea for Mother."

I returned to kitchen and made a third cup. I stood to attention as the Mother in Law looked me up and down.

"So you like to wear girlie dresses?"

"Yes," I answered.

"No, that's yes Your Ladyship!” She paused. “Another point you will learn: you curtsey everytime you talk to your Superiors". I went to answer but was told to "Shut up."

"These are the rules for you from now on: 1 We are always right. 2 In this house you wear a Maids uniform. 3 You not question any order that you may be given 4 You will speak only when you are spoken to. 5 You will dress as we see fit, (other than in rule 2). 6 You will show respect to all females. 7 At all times you will carry a punishment book. 8 Punishments will be set by either of your Mistresses. At the end of each punishment you will thank your Mistresses for showing you the error of your ways. 9 Any form of punishment is allowed. 10 Anything not covered by these rules, go back to rule 1.

Claire and her Mother sat down and talked for about a hour. "We are going shopping Abbeygail," announced Claire. They went up to get dressed. Mrs. Harding arrived back in the kitchen with the clothes that I was going to wear. I took off the dressing gown that I was wearing. I given a white school type blouse to wear.....

“.....but first, I want you to put this pink bra on!”

I was horrified, as I had never worn a bra before, not in her presence, not even with Claire’s strapless dress! The point of me wearing a pink bra was that it was a warm day so I would not need a jumper or cardigan. That meant the outline of the bra would be clearly visible through my blouse and everybody would be able to see what I was wearing. This would cause me the maximum embarrassment, and give my Mistresses the maximum amusement. There was no attempt made to hide my male form, but all the clothes that I wore were girls’, including my shoes. My hair, which was long, was tied in a pony tail, but the pony tail was right at the top of my head. Claire combed my fringe forward and trimmed it.

Our first visit was to a shop called Uniforms 4 U. I was measured for my uniform by a sixteen year old shop assistant who could not take her eyes off my bra. She asked "Is this your first bra, Miss?"

My Mother in law said "His name is........" She looked at me expectantly, prompting me to tell her my name. It was so embarassing I couldn’t move a muscle, much less talk.

The girl paused and looked puzzled. "What do they call you when you cross-dress?" she asked.

I still did not answer...I just went red.

"Answer her, girl!"

"It's Abbeygail your Ladyyyyy-ship," I said.

The shop assistant laughed. Mrs Harding said to her "You may call him Abbeygail." I just got redder and redder.

We left the Uniform shop and headed for the shoe shop. Working shoes were purchased, low heel 'T' bars, and all black. Next we went to the lingerie store, again all the underwear was plain cotton or nylon, certainty no silk, satin, or frilly knickers.

My Uniforms would not be ready until Tuesday, but I was able to bring back my plain aprons and cap. When we got about a mile from the cottage, Claire stopped the car. I was given a short black skirt to wear, replacing the girlie green trousers that I had worn all day. I was ordered out of the car and to take my trousers off. As I slipped into the skirt, Claire gave me a white cap and apron to wear. Mrs.Harding told me to walk home from here, and to be quick about it.

Chapter Eight:
The New Job:

On the following Tuesday I was sent into town to collect my new uniform from the shop. On arrival I was shown into a cubicle, where the assistant gave me my new uniform. It was not what I had expected; it was Dark Green, and had a tight fitting bodice with a flowing full circle skirt, three full length petticoats, a white apron that went three quarters of the way round the dress, and a little white cap that had been starched so it would sit upright. The Victorians would have loved it and so did I! All those frilly things, it was heaven, or at least I thought it was.

I changed into the uniform so that the dress-maker could make any last minute alterations. It fit perfectly, and I was impressed--a long flowing dress with lots of frills was just up my street, as they say. Just then the door of the shop burst open and in walked Her Ladyship.

"You look great," she said as she walked past me. "How much do I owe you?" she inquired of the dress maker, and she paid the account. Again she walked past me as if I did not exist, straight into the cubicle, picked up my clothes. She then gave a list of the shopping that she wanted, and said, "You are dressed to serve as a Maid, now go to work." I was stunned into silence. She walked out of the shop, into her car and left. The young assistant was it fits of uncontrollable laughter.

I exited the shop by the back door, since I didn’t want anybody to see me dressed like this, but as I started to wander round in a daze, nobody, but nobody, even gave me a much of a second glance. I thought to myself “You must be slightly convincing as a female.” If only I could have seen behind me. As I went about carrying out the orders that I had been given my confidence grew, and I was able to look ahead instead of at the pavement. In one or two of the shops people asked me about the uniform. I told them it had been made for a fancy dress party. When the shopping was completed I called Mrs. Harding at the Telephone No. she had written on the bottom of my instructions.

On returning to the cottage was cleaned from the top to bottom, A Maids work never seem to finish. I washed, scrubbed, cleaned this, cleaned that. Her Ladyship was not happy with the kitchen floor. She tied both my hands behind my back and taped a toothbrush in my mouth. She made do it again with the toothbrush, and the toilets too as my punishment.

Everywhere she went she carried a cane, the sort every schoolboy/girl dreaded! 36 inches long, thin and whippy, that left a perfect mark on my backside. Every evening I had to report with my punishment book, to see how my performance had been today, and everyday was monitored. The first day just six, I took them no problem. On day five I dropped a tray and broke a cup, saucer, and two plates. That night she handed down the sentence of 48 strokes of the cane: 6 on each hand, and 36 on my backside. I broke down and begged for mercy, and after about 20 I was sobbing my heart out. Her Ladyship was kind and compassionate about it and agreed to carry over the remaining strokes until tomorrow, at a 15% interest charge. By the end of the week I was in debt, and never recovered. On a very good day I would not get any extra strokes, but I was always in debt and a caning was now a daily routine. She had now become an expert and knew just where to and how hard to hit. I was broken. She loved to make me cry and hear me beg for mercy, she would never stop at the point that I begged her to but always rounded the numbers up., as she was the boss and the decision was hers...and I knew it.

My role as her Maid / Slave, because that’s what it felt like at times, lasted about two months, longer than I envisioned. “What next?” I thought. When it was time to go home, I thought I had paid for my sins. My Mother in Law had great fun in humiliating me. She told Claire that I was now well and truly trained and a feminized Maid, and that I had now earned my stripes. But Claire had other ideas.

Chapter Nine:
Party Time: On returning home my wife now took a role in everything we did. I did as I was told, when I was told, and to the best of my abilities or else, if I knew what was best for me. Claire had again been promoted at work and had been offered a very important position within her organization. She was delighted and arranged a girls at home evening for her family, friends and work-mates.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Wait and see," she replied, "You will like it, but not too much!”

As the days went by the arrangements were being made for the celebration. She had booked a local firm of caterers for the ensuing evening, but still no news about what was going to happen to me. I knew something was not right when the Mother in Law appeared; trouble for me was always around the corner when she turned up.

That evening I was banished to my small box room, and locked in. I could only hear parts of what was being said: "It's for .......... l's" as Claire faded away, "He ........... like that, but ..... " and all I heard next was laughing.

I must have dropped off to sleep, because the next thing I remember is being told to come downstairs. When I entered the front room, I noticed two dresses hanging from the rail in the corner. The first one I was delighted to see: my favourite Pink Dress! The other was my maids uniform.

"Now Abbeygail...." said Claire. "Time to put your training into practice."

She handed me the uniform. "You know the format." I was not happy with this but what choice did I have? I was ordered to change in front of the two Women. For the next three days I worked harder than I have ever worked in my life, polishing, dusting and general housework. Mrs. Harding inspected everything. The cane worked overtime, I was in tears for long periods of the day and night.

Both Claire and the 'Wicked Witch', as I had re-nicknamed her over the past few days, were pleased with my efforts. "Abbeygail will come to the party," said the Witch.

I was delighted, but horrified, because this meant going on public display to her friends, work-mates and to both of the females in our respected families (except unbeknownst to me, she had not invited anybody from my side of the family).

"Abbeygail will get to wear her best dress, and you will act your age, 11 years old," stated Claire.

The afternoon of the party I was dressed in a short black pleated skirt, a white blouse, ankle socks, and a white pair of open-toed sandals. The three of us all went to the hairdressers, they had their hair done really fancy, and mine just like any other school girl, with the regulation fringe and in a bob. During that time I had to act as a eleven-year-old little girl.

When we arrived home I was sent to my room which had now been redecorated over a period of time to suit the tastes of any 11-year-old girl, and Claire was in the process of having a new lock fitted from the outside.

From the time I arrived home that day I was instructed to call Claire “Mummy”, the Witch “Nanny”, and all the guests “Miss”, “Mrs.”, or “Aunty”. I was further instructed to not speak unless I was instructed. I thought I could cope with that.

"Off for your bath, Miss," the Witch said. “I'll be up in a minute to wash you!"

This wiped the smile off my face. The Witch washed me all over, especially in the important places, but to no avail. At the end of my bath I was sent to my room and told that I could get changed for the party after Mummy and the Witch had gotten changed. I put on my dressing gown on and waited, and waited!

Mummy and the Witch got ready for the party. Both had new dresses. I was really looking forward to meeting an old friend, my pink dress, again. Mummy came up to get me at about 5-30pm. She looked stunning in a long dark blue off the shoulder dress set off with a diamond necklace, and the Witch was wearing a gold Taffeta dress--she wore it like a sack.

"Time to get you ready for the party, Abbeygail," said the Witch. I smiled sweetly. She entered my bedroom with a coat hanger full of clothes, but no pink dress! I was stunned, my mouth hit the floor. Her grin was wider than the Grand Canyon. "Yes," she said, "Mummy and I thought you would like to be 11 again, so we brought you a new school uniform!" I failed to reply as my mouth would not move, tears rolling down my face. "Oh tears of joy, I see" she said and she laughed out loud, which sounded like the roar of a pregnant whale.

I stood very still as she dressed me: a white cotton vest, bottle green knickers with elastic in the legs, white blouse, a bottle green gymslip, white ankle socks, a green and yellow striped tie, and a bottle green blazer.

"Oh you DO look cute!" she said as she combed out my hair and tied a green ribbon in it. "There, look at the pretty school girl!” she sneered at me in front the of the dressing table mirror. She handed me a book. It was all about a school called Meadow Fields High School for Girls.

"You better read this so you answer the other guests questions about your new school." She turned round and walked out of my bedroom, and as she was walking down the stairs she shouted "Come and show Mummy how you look, hahaha!"

I was reluctant to leave the safety of my bedroom, but I knew I must or else! I walked slowly down the stairs, my legs feeling cold while my body was hot with sweat. To say I was scared was a understatement! It was the fear of the unknown. of what else could happen.

The witch was in my room hanging up clothes that would suit any 11 year old. I could only look on in amazement and wonder.

Later on the party was in full swing. There were several people who I knew and who were amused at my transformation, and I had to talk to them all politely, as an 11-year-old.

Then Claire dropped the bomb. She introduced everybody to Barry, the new love of her life!

“Ladies and Children!” A reference to me. “I would like you all to meet Barry!” I was silent, and dumbstruck. “Barry and I are going to live together as Husband and Wife.” The Witch started clapping and the rest followed. Claire held her hand up for people to stop. “Abbeygail, come and meet your new Daddy.” You could have heard a pin drop!

The witch ushered me over to meet Barry who shook hands with me. The party re-started. Barry took me outside into the garden where we had a long talk. He knew everything about me, and I was sure the future would reveal that he had a major role to play in the next eighteen months of my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, by now I got a thrill out of cross-dressing. But to live my life as 11-year-old, be treated as an 11-year-old, the way Barry had put it, and no doubt as Claire and the Witch had talked it through with him prior to the party? In a way I was looking forward to Abbeygail age 11, and I still like her today.

To Be Continued
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