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The explosion within me,
It's so hard to bear.
Thoughts of you with me,
Running my fingers through your hair.

Holding you so close,
As close as can be.
The fragrance of your sweet rose,
As we snuggle, I feel it touching me.

I caress your body, lying so near,
Holding you, feeling your size.
Your breathing is all I hear,
As I gaze into those beautiful eyes.

Feeling's that have filled my heart,
Emotions turning within my soul.
Piece by piece you've become a part,
Made my life feel so whole.

Valerie Rojas 4/4/96


Forever love, you will be mine,
Only you, is what I see.
Love existing forever in time,
Taking me through life,
Showing me how true love can be.

My heart is complete,
Now that you are near.
And the day we meet,
My heart will shout,
And the whole world will hear.

Express my love,
With all my heart.
With all the stars above,
You will fill my life,
Everyday every part.

Like a magical doorway,
Your love opened to me.
With each and everyday,
Filling my soul,
And allowing me to be free.

Valerie Rojas 5/12/96


Hot turmoil deep within me,
Blinding, only you I see.
Churning emotions and thoughts,
Dreaming of long evening talks.

Waiting for the day we meet,
Knowing that day, will be so sweet.
And at long last my destiny told,
My heart filled with warmth, no longer cold.

Soon this day will come to pass,
The first day of life, not the last.
Being reborn within myself,
No longer feelings kept up on the shelf.

Valerie Rojas


Passages through a fantasy time,
Lifting me to undiscovered heights.
Beautiful memories that play in my mind,
Through mystical days and magical nights.

New found feelings, within my soul,
No indecisions for my mind to fight.
Feeling complete and totally whole,
Through mystical days and magical nights.

Thoughts and dreams that fill my mind,
Filling me with new insights.
Carrying me off to a happier time,
Through mystical days and magical nights.

This love, that I express,
Making me feel so right.
Like two hearts being caressed,
Through mystical days and magical nights.

Valerie Rojas


Cool dark waters surround me,
Stars as far, as the eyes can see.
Two hearts beating as one,
Now our love has just begun.

The night so dark, the stars so bright,
My love's arms, holding me tight.
The gentle touch of her hand,
Within my heart, I understand.

That the love she feels, is so new,
A strong love, one that's true.
On this night, so full of love,
Shining within her eyes, moonlight from above.

On this night hand in hand,
Lying close on the sand.
Feeling the love we have to share,
A love this true is very rare.

With you my love, by my side,
My heart is open, nothing to hide.
A life of love and happy times,
Future dreams within my mind.
Valerie Rojas


Passion's spirit within me glowing,
Love as bright as the morning sun.
With all my heart and being knowing,
Souls blending becoming one.

Glowing deep a wondrous light,
Illuminating my inner being.
Opening my mind to an incredible sight,
Guiding me to the truest meaning.

Becoming aware of the true me,
Opening my mind to the source beyond.
Allowing my soul to be free,
And with my deepest love, to respond.

A perfect love, is what we share,
As brilliant as a glorious sun.
A love such as ours is very rare,
Two souls blending as one.

Valerie Rojas



My mind races,
Whenever I think of those special places.
Places I can touch, kiss and caress,
No longer will I feel this emptiness.

With the thought of you, my heart pounds,
Juices flow, and feelings abound.
Cold shivers go up my spine,
Whenever I dream that you could be mine.

The ache I feel deep within myself,
So many dreams kept on a shelf
Now, all these dreams fill my head,
Sweet erotic dreams, of having you in my bed.

Making love to you, is the way it should be,
Releasing my dreams, setting me free.
The love I make, shows how I feel,
So you know my feelings are real.

So let me have my sweet dreams of you,
Praying you'll feel the same way too.
And when we meet,
And when we touch.
Knowing words,
Could never say so much.

Valerie Rojas


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