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Pretended Death

I know what death is,
What horrible pain it brings.
The cold empty hole it leaves in your heart,
An ache so bad, it rips your heart apart.

But the death of my best friend,
Is one I can't bear.
And why do I have to?
There is no body lying there.

No prayers or hymns,
To help me along.
No grave to visit,
No memorial or songs.

This grieving for the loss,
Is as real as it can be.
Because my friend isn't there
It is like she is dead to me.

I feel so empty, and dead myself,
A wrenching pain that strangles my heart.
A suffering so deep, it can't be soothed,
A torment and misery, from being kept apart.

And in this murky madness,
I call my mind.
I search through the sadness,
Hoping my best friend I'll find.

I long for our conversations,
Some were serious, some just bull.
But knowing she was there,
Made my life happy and full.

I miss her opinions.
We used to share.
The laughter and smiles,
This just isn't fair.

In my isolated existence,
I had felt so sad and alone.
But with her presence,
She brought joy and laughter back into my home.

She has a heart so grand,
It's hard to believe.
She would ever drop my hand,
And think to leave.

So give me one good reason,
Why I should have to mourn my friend.
I know she is alive and well,
This death is only pretend.

In our innermost soul,
About our friendship we care.
We need each other to be whole,
So lets resurrect what's there.

So hold on tight,
To my hand my friend.
Hold on with all your might,
Because on me, you can forever depend.

And it's you I send,
This promise to.
With all the love we share,
Know I will always be there.

Valerie Rojas

The First Time
I Loved Forever

The first time,
I loved forever.
Into your arms I softly came,
As you so sweetly,
Whisperd my name.

The first time,
I loved forever.
I'm wrapped in a coccoon of love,
Like the stars are wrapped,
In the clouds above.

The first time,
I loved forever.
I opened my soul,
You embraced it
And made me whole.

The first time,
I loved forever.
My passions were set free,
As you made,
Beautiful love to me.

The first time,
I loved forever.
Our eyes locked,
In a mesmerizing gaze.
You opened my heart in so many ways.

The first time,
I loved forever.
I cast all esle aside,
Let my heart follow,
Never to hide.

The first time,
I loved forever.
To the depth this love has gone,
No one can understand,
How truely stong is our bond.

The first time,
I loved forever.
Will be my last,
There can be no other,
This love is so very vast.

Valerie Rojas

The Longing

In my isolation,
I envelope my fragile heart.
With my precious memories of us,
Each like a wondrous work of art.

Through this separation,
This loneliness is so hard to bear.
My arms ache to hold you,
And I long for the fragrance of your hair.

I crave the sweet taste of your lips,
Pressing so gently against mine.
To express my love to you,
Through a thousand and one rhymes.

Can you feel my hands upon your back?
And the security as I hold you tight.
My love passes through every fingertip,
And we both felt how complete and right.

The sweet intoxication of the inner you,
As we joined as no one else can.
In a moment, a lifetime would pass,
As if I could hold time still in my hand.

All these memories,
I hold deep in my heart.
As I patiently wait for the sign,
That you will forever be a part,
Of my life throughout all time.

Valerie Rojas
August 15, 2000

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