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I Miss

Sweet dearest one,
How I miss your pretty smile.
And it seems like forever,
Since I've been able to hold you awhile.

I miss the touch of your face,
The way it fits in the palm of my hand.
I miss listening to our music,
As we drive around in the van.

I miss hearing your sweet laugh,
As we joked and played.
Didn't we always have,
The most beautiful happy days?

I miss watching you sleep,
The faint smile on your lips.
The way you wrap up in your arms,
The gentle curve of your hips.

I miss our nights,
When we would play the games.
I miss those times so much,
Our inside jokes and pet names.

I miss holding you,
Snuggling in bed.
Brushing back your hair,
Cradling your head.

I miss sharing my life,
With the woman I love.
And I would give the world,
For just one more hug.

Is it wrong for me,
To be missing these things?
We both know that this,
Wasn't just a summer fling.

And I want you to know,
If that time was the only one.
I will forever cherish the memories,
I have no regrets, NONE!

But more than anything else,
My total and enduring love is in tact.
No matter when you decide your ready,
My open arms, are welcoming you back.

Valerie Rojas
August 15, 2000

Sweeter Than Honey

The sweetness of your kiss,
Lingers upon my lips.
Holding each other so tight,
Kissing and caressing through the night.

Drifting off into a dream,
Holding you my slumber serene.
Our bodies together entertwined,
Waking to your lips pressing against mine.

The taste of you so sweet,
Sweeter than honey, my baby's treat.
The passions within you explode,
Giving me a satisfaction I've never known.

The gift you've given me,
Fills my heart, and I will forever be,
In your heart, soul and mind,
And you will forever be totally encompassing mine.

Valerie Rojas

The Journey

With my arms wide open,
I wait for you.
And everyday I am coping,
With a constant craving too.

Craving your taste and touch,
Dreaming of your laugh and smile.
Holding you means so much,
Let my arms reach out across the miles.

Drawing us forever together,
In this experience that only we share.
With our love I feel as light as a feather,
This miraculous happening, I can dance on air.

We treasure every moment,
We revel in every thought.
Many hours wonderfully spent,
Making memories that can't be bought.

Our lives paths have brought us to this place,
Your journey has just begun.
Our love has endured through time and space,
And wherever this journey takes us, Our hearts forever linked, when the journey is done.

Valerie Rojas

My Love for You

My love for you,
Is never faltering.
My love for you,
Is never weak.
My love for you,
Forever growing.
Fulfilling and complete.

My love for you,
Is an eternity.
My love for you,
Is beyond time and space.
My love for you,
Is as solid as a rock,
It will forever have its place.

My love for you,
Is in each tear I cry.
My love for you,
I embrace in my solitude.
My love for you,
Intensifies with every mood.

My love for you,
Is a cloudless sky.
My love for you,
Is in every rainbow overhead.
My love for you,
Is in each ray of the sun.
My love for you,
Is in your roses red.

My love for you,
Is the air I breathe.
My love for you,
Will forever be.
And I want you to know,
And I want you to see.
My love for you will always be.

Valerie Rojas

Not Of This Earth

A love like ours,
Is not of this earth.
So deep the emotions and feelings,
It is a total rebirth.

Twin souls joined,
Synchronized in time.
I'm holding your heart,
And your holding mine.

Expressing my love,
Is harder day by day.
There are no adequate words,
So much more than a heart can say.

And its not easy for either one,
We have had laughter and we've had tears.
And still my love grows stronger,
And will through out the years.

And no matter what,
Or where you may be.
We have something not of this earth,
This connection will be forever,
Between you and me.

Valerie Rojas

Until The Day

I looked unto the skies,
But there were no stars.
They were lost to me,
Until the day I looked into your eyes.

There is nothing like,
The fragrance of a rose.
But that too was lost to me,
Until one day your sweet intoxication,
Embraced my soul.

The joy of life itself,
Had been lost to me.
Until the day I took you into my arms,
And we melded together,
In perfect harmony.

Never will I take for granted,
These miraculous feelings,
I have found with you.
I pray our love lasts an eternity,
And everyday my love renewed.

Valerie Rojas

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