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Great Love

Grand Passion

Oh sweet precious one,
I feel your heart beat,
In every minute of everyday.
I draw you close,
And the miles, they melt away.

Do you think,
The silence will still my heart?
Deafen me from your thoughts and dreams.
Locked out of your heart,
And the scheme of things?

Our love transcends,
No barriers can be found.
Thoughts and feelings of love,
I hear clearly as they,
Travel to me on every sound.

And with my heart,
I caress you still.
Sensing my love's sweet moan,
And again I am lifted to loftier heights.
More than my being's ever known.

Oh my sweet precious love,
For you are my GRAND LOVE,
The years may come and go,
But my love for you is EVERLASTING.

Valerie Rojas
Oct 08,2000
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Again and Again

As I gaze into your eyes,
My hand reaches up to caress your face.
And with you I am mesmerized,
As my lips find their sweet place.

A kiss so long and deep,
I lose myself within.
Impossible to express this ecstasy,
I just want to kiss you again...and again...and again.

Holding you so close,
Our hearts beating as one.
My hands moving, fingers tracing you,
Then returning to where they had just begun.

To touch your face, your back, your thigh,
Caressing you from head to toe.
Sets the butterflies free,
As they flutter within my afterglow.

Drifting off with you into slumber,
Our bodies molded as one.
Born again in you,
My life has surely just begun.

Valerie Rojas

The Dream

I closed my eyes,
And I drifted away on a dream.
Floating closer and closer to you,
On the light of a moonbeam.

Thoughts filled my mind,
Like so many stars in the sky.
I did step to the edge,
And you taught me how to fly.

It was our first time again,
Our eyes met, arms reaching, like a song.
It was like coming home,
We were where we belonged.

You fell into my arms and trembled,
My hands tracing, touching, teasing.
My lips caressing every inch of you,
The taste of you so very pleasing.

But alas I awoke,
In a lonely, empty bed.
With a thousand and one thoughts,
Of you, dancing in my head.

Valerie Rojas

If Only.........

Our souls one to one,
Moving through the elements of time.
I caress you always,
With the gentle rhythms of my rhyme.

It is so right loving you,
When I touch the softness of your skin.
My soul ripples with the pleasure,
To my innermost depths within.

I am, the keeper of your soul,
And you are the keeper of mine.
And through these misty windows,
We gaze at this most difficult time.

I brush your soft lips,
In the mist of my dreams.
As I relive the moments,
Of that beautiful spring.

You held me and kissed me so deep,
In that early morning dawn.
And when I looked back,
My baby girl had gone.

Soulmates can never truly be separate,
And through my joyful tears.
Do you know how I would cherish you?
If only you were here..........
If Only.............

Valerie Rojas

My Thoughts and Dreams
(Do they matter?)

Baby Girl,
A love such as ours,
Can you really hide it ?
Can you lock it away, out of fear,
And continue in an existence full of tears?

Living with someone who you don't share love,
Who stole your trust and joy, after so many years.
And all of your opinions, thoughts and dreams,
Just fall on DEAF ears.

To live a life unfulfilled,
Without the softness of human touch.
Without the caress of my hand,
Without my love, kisses and such.

You know in your heart,
Our love is so true.
I live to bring back your joy,
God baby, I would NEVER betray you.

In this time we have shared,
Haven't I proven my word is true?
My love for you so pure,
I will NEVER break a promise to you.

I know it would be so hard,
What you would have to do.
But Sweetie, Living a LIE,
Won't bring happiness to you.

Our lives together, would be so full,
The love we share, is just a part.
You have your children here too,
Who hold you so deep in their hearts.

I know I can make you happy,
Because my love for you is REAL.
Because honesty is what we feel.

What passes between us,
In a simple touch of a hand.
Is like containing the universe,
In a single grain of sand.

So here I sit patiently,
PRAYING for the phone to ring.
I NEED so badly to hear your voice,
That gift would truly make my heart SING.

And I dream of the day,
When I can again hold you near.
Make love to you so passionately,
Listen to you whisper "I love you " in my ear.

For my love is not a flicker in my heart,
But a FLAME that roars,
This absence doesn't diminish my love,
But FANS the bonfire that soars!

Valerie Rojas

Lovers & Friends

In this endless sea of emotions,
I drift dreaming of only you.
Your love is the spectrum of the rainbow,
Encompassing every color and hue.

It seems like forever,
Since I kissed your lips so sweet.
Held you in my arms,
And felt your passions' heat.

I wonder if you ever dream,
Of me holding you so tight.
The way we blended as one,
Oh God, It always felt so right.

You took my hand,
And showed me all that was you.
Your love, excitement, passion and ecstasy,
A deepness only we understand....Others have no clue.

The intimacy that only we share,
With an exchange of a single glance.
A touch of a hand,
Or a moonlit water dance. (remember?)

So many memories,
I will always hold dear.
I cherish every moment,
I was able to hold you near.

But there is one thing,
I want you to remember until time ends.
That we are more than LOVERS,

We can share the memories,
Of all the love we know.
Regardless of where you are,
Our friendship can always grow.

(a true friendship (like love) can withstand anything, lets not forget ours........I miss you my friend)
(Don't you miss me?)

Valerie Rojas

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